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Windows connected, how does it work ?

Automatic ventilation, control closing windows, or presence simulation in the case of departure on vacation, the technology prompt in windows. Invisible to the naked eye, home automation allows you to ensure the safety and comfort of the consumers. Overview of the innovations. “In 2015, the market of the connected home has generated 46,97 billions of […]

Building : order books well filled in August

CONDITIONS. According to the figures of the Insee, published on 24th August, the business climate is slightly less favorable in August compared to the previous month. However, the order books remain well filled and ensures 7.4 months of work. After months of growth, the economic climate in the construction industry is experiencing a month of […]

Card CONSTRUCTION : where are we deploying ?

STATE OF THE PREMISES. The deployment of the map CONSTRUCTION has started from 22nd march 2017 and lasts until 30 September next to the last box. About 2 million cards that could be ordered, how many really are ? The identification card of the BTP has begun its gradual deployment since 22 march 2017, starting […]

The materials of the future will be based on… flowers elastic

SCIENCE. Researchers French and singaporeans are working on the development of materials based in the surprising properties : instead of fine-tune when pulled, they increase, on the contrary, their volume. This character would be particularly interesting in structural applications, in order to combine lightness and resistance to shocks. Details. Exit structures, honeycomb, place the materials […]