ITE residential towers : what is the situation in France ?

FOCUS. While the british survey reveals problems at the level of insulation from the outside of the tower Grenfell of London, Batiactu was interested in five projects of thermal rehabilitation of buildings similar, located in France. What technical solutions have been adopted ? Elements of response. The Council of Architects of Europe (CAE) is expressed […]

The draft EPR under pressure : the lid of the container raises questions

The site of the nuclear reactor of new generation at Flamanville 3, said «EPR», could suffer a new setback with the publication of a report by the Nuclear Safety Authority, calling into question the durability of the lid of the tank, whose life would be no more than «a few years». A problem for EDF, […]

JO Paris 2024 : a new bridge will connect Saint-Denis and the Ile-Saint-Denis

IMAGES. While the olympic Village will be built at Saint-Denis/Pleyel in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the event of a victory of Paris, the olympics 2024, it is the group composed of Artélia, Lavigne & Chéron, Philippon-Kalt, which will perform the gateway of 130 metres. Objective : to link Saint-Denis and the ile Saint-Denis. In the meantime as […]

Tadao Ando unveils his project for the Pinault Collection at the Bourse du Commerce

Picked by François Pinault to prepare for the new exhibition of its contemporary art collection to the Bourse du Commerce, Paris, the self-taught architect Tadao Ando has unveiled its project : a cylinder of concrete nestled in the hollow of the huge atrium of the historic building. In all, 3,000 m2 of exhibition spaces lined […]

Modern Extension to a traditional farmhouse Norwegian

RENOVATION. The owners of an old traditional farm, located in Norway, wanted to bring it up to current standards and add an extension. For this, the architectural firm Link Arkitektur has proposed a new structure with contemporary lines inspired by the historical architecture of the local farms. The long of the longest and largest river […]

How new technologies are changing the life on the building sites, and beyond

STRATEGIE. Several giants of the construction sector took advantage of the lounge’s Viva technology to expose their innovations, taken in particular of the work carried out with several start-ups. All areas of the building are affected. Discovery. Many of the giants of the construction sector have put the means to be present at the show […]

Opening of a platform around the wooden construction modular

The industrial Metsa Wood has recently launched the initiative «Open source Wood». The goal is to make progress more quickly timber construction on a large scale. Details. Noting that the construction sector is dominated by steel and concrete, and regretting that the share of wood represents only 5% to 10%, while it is a material […]

The hospital Saint-Michel of Paris was transformed into a village

INAUGURATION. BNP Paribas real Estate and the city of Paris inaugurated this June 26, 2017, the Village of Saint-Michel, built on the site of the former hospital in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The architects François Leclerc, Laurent Niget and Gaëtan The Penhuel have made housing units, a crèche, a nursing home, and finally an […]

Architecture contest : the Unsfa supports the position of the CNOA

After the national Order of architects, it is the turn of the National Union of French Unions of Architects (Unsfa) to defend the obligation of the architectural competition listed in the law CASL. Details. The architects intend to defend the obligation of the architectural competition listed in the framework of the law CASL. While the […]

The area building boasts an early year better than expected

The activity of the building is flat and the beginning of the year, record of the results better than originally anticipated, reports the FFB on 27 June 2017. The growth in the volume of business, estimated to be 3.4%, has finally reached the 4% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same quarter […]