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Low-carbon, natural materials, passive building, what are the trends ?

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WHAT is new in. The energy performance alone is not the ultimate goal of the manufacturers. Other parameters related to users or to changes in the climate are to be taken into account. Sylvain Grove, editorial director for Construction21, decrypts to Batiactu the major trends observed in the records of the Green Solutions Awards 2017.
The buildings are undergoing rapid evolution that the constraints, whether they are regulatory, economic (with the appearance of a green value) or climate. Continue reading

The figures of the swimming pool in France

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How many y-a-t-he pool in France ? Where is there in the world ? How many swimming pools have been ordered and delivered ? Answers.
On the occasion of the next living Pool and Well-being*, the Federation of Professionals of the swimming Pool and the spa has just published the barometer 2017 France and its pools. Here are the numbers to remember :
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1.9 million : this is the number of pools in France. The country has, Continue reading

Tramway de Nice : from the embankments fucked at the origin of the sag

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Following the collapse of a section of the pavement on the path of the tunnel of the 2nd tramway line of Nice, work longer than originally planned were needed. Laurent Carrere, the director of the project on the Metropolis Nice-Côte d’azur, made the point on this site.
The incident should be solved in a few days. But the formation of a hole capable of swallowing a pickup truck in the middle of a busy street of Nice finally need more than a month of work. The collapse, which occurred at the Continue reading

An artificial island to save lake Chad ?

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Reduced to a tenth of its surface pristine, the lake Chad is dying in Africa. An architect in cameroon has, therefore, devised a system to save it and to allow its millions of residents to survive with him. Discovery.
Between the 1960s and the beginning of the years 2000, lake Chad, the real lung of a desert region shared between four countries (Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger) has risen to more than 25,000 km2 in average less than 2,000 km2. At the same time, the population installed on its Continue reading

Paid leave in the CONSTRUCTION industry : additional rights linked to seniority

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PRACTICAL SHEET. There are cases where employees have extra days of leave. To begin with, seniority rights, segregated between companies in the Building and Public Works.
Paid leave in the CONSTRUCTION industry : the taking into account of seniority in the Building


Beyond the acquisition of days of statutory paid leave and holidays for fractionation and potential RTT existing in the company, certain employees of the Building may be entitled to additional days of paid leave. These days of Continue reading

“Renovate together” an association for the small collective and the individual houses

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XPAIR. The State and the communities have put in place financial incentives for the energy renovation of buildings, but the expected results are not there when it comes to renovation of small buildings and detached houses. Apart from the financial aspect, and the inadequacy of the professional package, is also problematic. The association Renovate All is born from this lack.
Josephine Ledoux, associate director of will get Council, a desk study thermal returns for XPAir (Batiactu group) on Continue reading

The death of Arnaud Schwartzentruber, director group R&D Rector Lesage

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Figure of the concrete sector, Arnaud Schwartzentruber, research and development director of the group Rector Lesage died accidentally in the mountains, announced the group in the beginning of the week.
The industry has unfortunately lost this summer one of his biggest specialists : research and development director of the group of Rector Lesage for the past four years and a figure of the sector, Arnaud Schwartzentruber died during an outing in the mountains, which he had the passion, announced Continue reading

Auto-entrepreneurs : the doubling of the ceiling of turnover divided

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REACTIONS. The economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, has announced the doubling of the ceiling of turnover for micro-entrepreneurs, the new name of the auto-entrepreneurs, a commitment of the president Macron. A decision criticised by the CPME, but welcomed by the Union of auto-entrepreneurs.
“We keep our commitments”, says the minister of economy, Bruno Le Maire. Among them, the doubling of the ceiling of turnover to maintain the status of self-employed – now called micro-entrepreneurs – as Continue reading

The energy ombudsman dissatisfied with the catch-up billing

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DEFENCE OF THE CONSUMER. One year after the entry into force of the prohibition of catch-up billing going back more than 14 months of consumption, the national ombudsman of energy notes that the law is still not respected by the suppliers. An abnormal situation that penalizes some customers.
In August 2016, the national ombudsman of energy welcomed the entry into force of the limitation of catch-up billing of electricity and gas to 14 months of consumption (item L. 224-11 of the code of the Continue reading

Work detached : Macron “satisfied with the advanced very concrete”

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NEGOTIATIONS. If the first meetings, regarding the revision of the directive on the work detached, have been satisfactory for Emmanuel Macron, the tone has changed with his Romanian counterpart…
Is the objective to be reached ? During his european tour of three days, the head of State has a mission to convince some of his counterparts on the merits of the revision of the directive on posted workers, which should be completed in October by the european Union. And the mission is a delicate Continue reading