Optical fiber : SFR undertakes to cover the territory without public money

The telecom operator SFR has announced on July 19, 2017, he would fibrer entire French territory without benefit of public money.
A few days ago, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced that he would take by the end of the year , “measures of incentives and constraints with respect to the telephone operators” to extend broadband to the entire territory. Coincidence ? On 19 July, the telecom operator SFR has said that it intends to develop its own fibre optic network throughout the territory by 2025, and this without public money. As a reminder, Emmanuel Macron, had set as the horizon 2020.


“Do you think that a group such as SFR, ( … ) does not have the means to increase by a few points its investment on the optical fiber? It is included in our envelope of 2 billion euros allocated annually to the fixed and mobile networks, said Michel Combes, CEO of SFR, at a press conference. The leader, however, refused to quantify the overall cost of the project.

SFR does not request “no subsidy”


The current level of expenditure would be maintained “over the next three years
(…) to provide the ability to continue to deploy our networks”
, also stated Michel Paulin, managing director of the telecom business of the group, recalling that the operator plans to first cover 90% of the French population in telephony 4G by the end of the year and “99% before the end of 2018”. The investment should then be redirected as a priority to the fibre, which will allow SFR to reduce the costs of “unbundling”, which is currently of the order of € 800 million per year paid to Orange for using the network high-speed copper to the incumbent.


The operator insists that it does “not grant” for its future fibre network, but says it does not expect tax relief in return, including the tax on the relay antennas criticized by the French Federation of telecoms (FFT, of which it is part).

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