Opposed to the architects, the ESH announce wearing an amendment

On the occasion of its 90 years celebrated on 22 June, the Federation of social enterprises for housing (ESH) has alerted Batiactu , which she will defend in the next few days an amendment to the future streamlining order to challenge the organisation of design contests for architects. Details.
After the wrath of the Union sociale pour l’habitat (USH), it is the turn of the Federation of social enterprises for housing (ESH), which manages 2.4 million units in 2016, to alert construction professionals on the organisation of design contests for architects. On the occasion of his 90th birthday, celebrated on 22 June in Paris *(see Box), its president Valérie Fournier was first invited its 230 member companies “to go back very quickly to their concerns about the contest of project management”. Before adding to the social landlords and construction professionals : “We know Emmanuel Macron by heart, do not hesitate to send us your feedback. (…) And we say that in the coming days, Jacques Mézard, minister of territorial Cohesion and Julien Denormandie, unfortunately missing our 90-year-old…”
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On this occasion, Batiactu is made aware of an amendment that will address the Federation of ESH with a view to the future order of simplification. This last should be presented to the national Assembly as early as next week.


The goal is clear for the organization : it is the wish that article 5-1 of the law 77-2 of 3 January 1977 on architecture (amended by law CAPE town) to be changed by future order of simplification. The text that should be presented, and as we have seen, provides that the third paragraph of the act of 3 January 1977, after the words with the fluency of the work private be added the words : ““with the exception of bodies of low-rent housing mentioned in article L. 411-2 of the code of construction and housing.”


“What is at issue in this decree, it is the procedure of choice of the architect, which is imposed by way of an architectural competition.” ESH


Let us recall, indeed, that the decree n°2017 – 516 April 10, 2017, adopting various measures in the field of public order, is not well received by the movement HLM. Marianne Louis we had explained in April : “What is at issue in this decree, it is the procedure of choice of the architect, which is imposed by way of an architectural competition.”


For the Fédération des ESH, “this decree does not provide exemption to the requirement of competition for the market control of the implementation of HLM organizations contrary to what had been announced during the parliamentary debate of the law on the freedom of creation, architecture and heritage.”


“A longer procedure (six months) and more costly (+2%) that the consultation classic”


“Make a contest of architecture for 10 or 20 units does not make any economic sense, reported to us on 22 June, Didier Poussou, director of cabinet of the Federation of ESH. It is a longer procedure that the consultation classical, assessed at six months and more costly, in the vicinity of 2 % of compensation to be paid to the candidates not selected.” According to him, “it thus tends to increase costs and production times, so that the entire profession has been committed today to reduce them, taking account of the additional costs led in particular by the new requirements of energy performance.”


Finally, the federation has made 58.200 housing sites in 2016** estimated that “the additional cost of such an obligation for the sector HOUSING is estimated at 500 million euros annually, the equivalent of the budget of aid to the pierre of the national Fund of aid to the stone (FNAP).”


Social landlords and architects, the brawl legislative continuous


An amendment may not pass on the side of the architects. The national Council of the order of architects is convinced that “this decree will improve the quality of architecture in our country.” “Social housing has always pulled up this quality, and this must continue”, said and Catherine Jacquot, president, Batiactu, April 12, 2017. Same sound of bell on the side of the Unsfa. “The decree endorses the contest for the masters of work submitted to the law Mop and for all DPOS, it is a great victory for the profession”, was reacting to hot Patrick Julien, ceo of the Unsfa from Batiactu. The fight legal for the national Assembly is therefore that start between architects and social landlords.
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Valérie Fournier, Federation ESH © Federation ESH

*The Esh have made 58.200 construction starts in 2016

During the general assembly, held on 22 June in Paris, Valérie Fournier, president of the ESH, a detailed balance sheet of the 230 social enterprises for habitat. “With 58.200 housing starts during the year, the Esh contributed 15 % to the overall production of housing nine in France and 61 % of the production HLM, is near two public housing on three products by the Esh”, she reported.
In addition, the Esh are for 2016, an acceleration from 9 % in construction starts of housing construction, a housing stock of 2.4 million dwellings – increase of 83,000 dwellings over the 2015, 3. 090 housing units marketed – 1.980 in a rental home and 1.110 in Vefa, sale in future state of completion, and a slight decrease of the mobility services (9.7% vs 10% in 2015).


The federation further notes the impoverishment of his tenants, and the increase in the role of “social” of the Esh. In 2016, two new entrants on three days in the park Esh lived below the threshold of poverty.


A call to the simplification of the regulatory

The ESH have already made six proposals to the destination of the new Government, calling on them to support the simplification of regulations and a better adaptation of the housing policies to the diverse demographic realities and social territories.


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