Opening of a platform around the wooden construction modular

The industrial Metsa Wood has recently launched the initiative “Open source Wood”. The goal is to make progress more quickly timber construction on a large scale. Details.
Noting that the construction sector is dominated by steel and concrete, and regretting that the share of wood represents only 5% to 10%, while it is a material that is “fit for construction“, the manufacturer Mesta Speaking has just launched an initiative called “Open source wood”. This project is aimed at architects, designers and engineersto unite their forces to share their innovations and bring their knowledge about timber construction modular on a large scale, “says the industrial.


Esa Kaikkonen, executive vice president of Metsä Wood said that “we do not share enough knowledge of design and construction in wood modular, which impedes the development of the wood construction. Innovations are not lacking, but it is difficult to have access to it. The project “Open Source Wood” is here to solve this problem. We are confident that through open collaboration, the industry can grow significantly“.


What is this initiative open source ?


In practical terms, how this works ? “The initiative is inspired by the philosophy of open source software in order to more quickly advance innovations and accelerate the put on the market, “says Metsä Wood detailing having “the first step in unveiling its protected information relating to modular elements in wood Kerto® LVL (lamibois), and making them freely available to all“.


The manufacturer also announces that it will reward “the innovation in design of modular elements in the form of current 2017 a sum of 30,000 euros to the designs are exceptional with a basis of Kerto LVL submitted in the framework of the initiative“.

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