Of PPE connected to improve the safety of construction sites

ANTICIPATION. Vest equipped with sensors, glasses with integrated camera, safety shoes with location-based… Of the industry work together to develop a set of equipment connected to improve the safety of the operators and the ergonomics of work on the ground. Zoom.
After the helmet increased, which protects and increases the sensory abilities of the wearer and the exoskeleton, which releases it from its efforts, the following are the individual equipment of the future : shoes, vests, safety glasses, nothing will be forgotten.
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Sleeve connected © Bouygues Construction


The partners of the Ideas Laboratory in Grenoble, in which Bouygues Construction, Suez, Air Liquide and the direction of the technical research of the CEA, have designed all the different elements of an outfit to work that is connected, for operators on construction sites. It includes “asleeve connected” (which looks very much like the PIP-Boy video games Fallout), a sort of individual terminal worn on the forearm, which helps guide and inform the workers in real time on the field. Compatible with the wearing of gloves, it ensures communication and optimizes the efficiency of the workers, regardless of the weather conditions. According to its designers, it “will help improve working conditions“, whether it is a site of industrial production, construction of BUILDING, or a unit of waste treatment. It has already been the subject of a pilot phase conclusive and it is anticipated that a phased deployment is conducted in several regions of France.


All the protective equipment concerned
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Other equipment should be developed, including a vest high visibility equipped with sensors designed to analyze the quality of the air breathed by the operator and provided with LEDs displaying the hazards, protective goggles, integrating a camera in the manner of Google Glass, as well as pictograms warning in the periphery of the field of vision, or brodequins location-based in order to better locate themselves on a website in the works. The partners specify work in a collaborative mode, to capitalize “on their knowledge and expertise of the industry sector” and rely on new technologies, including the “cobotique”, this emerging field of robotics that aims to assist humans. The project of PPE connected to registers both in the prevention plan of the companies to improve the security, but also in the very evolution of the business with the growing contribution of the digital. The worker of the future will be increased.


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