Occupational risks : the OPPBTP launches course modules online

The professional Organization of prevention in the CONSTRUCTION industry has launched a number of modules of online courses (e-learning) to raise the awareness of professionals to the risks of the business.
The OPPBTP has launched D-click Prevention, a modules collection of free online courses on the essentials of prevention. Its purpose is to try to make it accessible to the prevention to all businesses and employees in the CONSTRUCTION industry.


Each module lasts for fifteen minutes, we will inform Prevention BTP. Several themes are addressed : temporary signage, construction site, establishment of a scaffold or anti-fall.


Making prevention “more accessible to the everyday”


These tools can be practiced in individual or collective, and are accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone. “Finally, to go further and delve deeper into each theme, and additional content to download are proposed at the end of each session : practice sheets, markers, posters, articles and training courses on offer in connection with the subject matter”, states Prevention BTP.


“In developing this new service, we want to make sure that everyone can train and update their knowledge at their own pace, either on site or
, explains Marie-Christine Guillaume, director of Services and Benefits of the OPPBTP. “D-click Prevention is a tool for making prevention more accessible and simpler to implement in everyday life.”

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