Nicolas Hulot is the head of the ecological Transition

APPOINTMENT. The former reporter and television producer, a leading figure in the ecology, takes the head of a great department of the ecological Transition, in the first government of Emmanuel Philippe. Good news for the sector ? Reactions.
NICOLAS HULOT, the minister of State in the ecological Transition, and solidarity.


Known for his activities as a journalist-reporter and television producer Nicolas Hulot gives way finally to the sirens of the policy. He takes the helm of a “super-ministry” of the ecological Transition and solidarity that reproduces the contours of the ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea. It is the successor to Ségolène Royal, who has worked for 3 years, that culminated in his presidency of the COP21.
Aged 62, he had already been courted by many presidents and heads of government. In 2002, Jacques Chirac himself would have proposed to become minister of Ecology. His idea to include a charter of the Environment in the Constitution was, however, became a reality in march 2005. During the presidential election of 2007, it had been, for a time, that he shows up. He had met with several candidates in order to convert them to the environmental issue and made them sign an environmental Pact. At the election following, he had really tried his luck in submitting to the primary ecologist of 2011, but it was defeated by Eva Joly. The president-elect, François Hollande, was appointed “special Envoy for the protection of the planet” in the month of December 2012, a mission volunteer to raise awareness, inform and mobilize the international community on the global environmental crisis. It will notably prepare the Paris Conference on climate, which will take place in 2015 and will launch an appeal to heads of States.


A good image with the general public


At the beginning of 2016, he left the post of envoy and refuses, once again, to enter into a government. Nicolas Hulot is contemplating the idea to run in the presidential election of 2017, without going through the box primary this time, but gives up, as early as the summer of 2016. Eventually, the president Emmanuel Macron and prime minister Edouard Philippe, who will be convinced to begin in the arena.
Staunch defender of the environment and populations, it is particularly pronounced for the organisation of a referendum on the exit of nuclear energy in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in spring 2011. Similarly, on the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes, it is openly declared in favour of the abandonment of the project. Questions that he will be able to decide, now that he occupies the post of minister of the ecological Transition, and solidarity. Nicolas Hulot has a good image among the general public, linked to its past of presenter-adventurer and his stance in favor of nature. Some politicians, however, as Claude Allègre, former minister of Education, and Jean Lassalle, a candidate in the presidential election, have not hesitated to scratch on the issue of his lack of academic knowledge or that of the funding of the foundation by groups such as EDF, putting in doubt his independence.


In early may, eight NGOS had sent a letter to Emmanuel Macron, to support the idea of a wide portfolio for sustainable development. They are likely to have been heard.


Reacting to his appointment, Nicolas Hulot has tweeted : “I agreed to continue my action in joining the government (…) Those who know me know that being a minister is not for me a goal in itself. I weigh all the implications of this decision. However, I intend, without having the certainty that the political opens up a new opportunity for action that I cannot ignore. I consider especially that the urgency of the situation I needed to try everything in order to bring out the new model of society, which we call collectively our vows. I hope that this new deal will provide a fertile ground for the construction of“.


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