New home : heat pump, heating solution favorite of the French

The barometer “Energy ” 2017″, reveals the major trends of heating solutions preferred by the French wishing to build their home. Find out for yourself.
What heating solution the French have the more popular in 2016 ? According to the barometer “Energy ” 2017″ for Domexpo, the heat pump as their heating system preferred, and, more particularly, to a heat pump air/water, chosen by 37% of respondents. This last is also in progress in recent years (31% in 2015 and 29% in 2014), as the natural gas (17%). Unlike other heating systems are in decline and, in particular, the electric joule from 54% in 2010 to 12% in 2015 and finally to 9% in 2016, and the wood (or wood stove or pellet) that decreases from 2014 to reach 11% by 2016 (14% in 2015, 16% in 2014).
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Motivated by the savings


Why choose such or such a heating ? The French, who have chosen the CAP consider that this solution constitutes an excellent return on investment. For most of them “it is more expensive to purchase, but we found it in consumer“. Then, they say to have preferred the CAP to have a heating to the ground and because they have been advised by their builder.


Those who use gas explain have made this choice because “the land was serviced with natural gas“, but also because he had “a better balance sheet between investment and consumption, “and it allows “to have the comfort of a floor heating“.


Finally, the users of wood heating make this choice because it represents “the solution and the least expensive to pass the standards RT 2012” and that it is often “suggested by the manufacturer (in the framework of our budget)“.


According to the AFPAC, this study “confirms the trend” that the organization has “seen the emergence the past 3 years as a result of the RT2012“. “This strengthens the CAP as the must-have solution in the individual residential, not only in the IDF but in all regions with the function refresh which is progressing in the southern area, “adds the AFPAC.
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The organization stresses that “this market of new construction is again booming with growth of over 7% on the beginning of the year so favorable to the class CAP” and states,”in particular the growth of the CAP in a small average power to meet the houses 100/120 m2“.


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