Nearly 4 million meters a “smart” Linky have been posed

Every day, 18,000 to 19.000 meters Linky are settled in France. Nearly 4 million of these electric meters with “smart” are now operational.
3.8 million electricity meters with “smart” Linky, have been installed in France. This is the figure reported by the AFP, quoted by Le Figaro. The objective is to install 35 million in 2021, which represents five billion euros.
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On a daily basis, the 18,000 to 19,000 meters are installed. Enedis (ex-ERDF) intends to achieve the cruising speed of 35,000 exposures per day by the end of the year.


A communication campaign in may
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The deployment of this device, as it is known, does not happen smoothly. The meter Linky is particularly criticized for not respecting the privacy of users. Others accused him of send waves electro-magnetic in that they consider dangerous (which is not the opinion of the Anses).


This may be to improve the image Linky that a communications campaign is launched, for distribution in the month of may, with Seprem production. It will consist of six educational broadcasts and information”, about a minute each, devoted to Linky, on a variety of subjects (group benefits and individual of the system, its installation, the testimony of a client, etc.). Officials of the Ademe and Enedis will be involved as experts.

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