MyLight Systems brings intelligence into home consumption

TECHNICAL SOLUTION. The self-consumption of photovoltaic electricity is going to be a great expansion. To improve the autonomy of facilities, the startup MyLight Systems has developed a solution that drives finely, and allows better use of the solar production. Ondine Suavet, co-founder of the company, explains the operation of the connected object.
The idea came at the time of the moratorium photovoltaics : what to do, stop the sun, or find another way to do it“, tells of Ondine Suavet, co-founder of MyLight Systems. “Where the idea of self-consumption. Production and consumption are not correlated but solar energy is easy to anticipate from good weather data, “she continued. The solution, therefore, is to make better use of this production to achieve economies of electricity, rather than to consider the solar panels as a financial product can generate an annuity.
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The specialist continues : “We conducted the work between the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. Two challenges had to be addressed to both : hardware and software“. The chosen technology is that of the power line carrier (CPL) for its ease of deployment by installers and electricians for its range greater than that of radio waves typically used in home automation. Ondine Suavet details : “This is not a WiFi box, unlike some of our competitors, but an integrated product, easy to install in 30 minutes or less next to the electrical box. It ensures the protection of the photovoltaic installation and the meter, the monitoring of consumption levels and manages the water heater“. The MyLight Systems would be compatible with 100 % of the facilities. “For the challenge software, the problem was that of ensuring reliability in the face of rising support. With a record every 30 seconds containing the counting data, system status, signal quality… the amount of data is huge. This is Big Data, “says co-founder.


Up to 70 % of power in less to buy


These data are used to control the system remotely. Several service levels are available : the first allows you to store one year of data, to manage the installation in real time and receive alerts by e-mail. The second, more complete, and adds options such as the automated management thanks to the weather forecasts or alerts by SMS this time. Finally, a third level will incorporate soon a after-sale service driven, with warranty parts-labor and travel, beyond the warranty of the equipment.



In order to express the advantage of self-consumption, Ondine Suavet said : “The rate of self-consumption is the ability to use photovoltaic generation. But in the case of an installation under-dimensioned, the value will always be 100 % since it will never cover the needs of its own. This is interesting, it is the rate of autonomy, that is to say, the share of consumption that comes from the panels and that allows you to make savings“. According to the expert, a central roof properly sized would be a 80% rate of self-consumption and would result in up to 70 % savings of electric power purchased on the network. “For an existing installation, and that is not for sale total current, monitoring only allows you to double the performance, just by eating at the right time“, says she.


An award-winning solution and already adopted


But what about the price ? “For an installation of 15 m2 of photovoltaic panels, a power of 3 kwp, it is necessary to count 10,000 euros provided-posed. The additional cost of MyLight Systems will pay for itself in 5 years, but the differential shrinks even more with the upcoming implementation of the decree for self-Consumption and the premium of several cents per kWh. The equipment is eligible for the tax Credit because it manages the heating and has the benefit of the VAT reduced to 5.5 %“. The recent decree, long-awaited by the profession, has clarified the situation and will encourage future individuals to consume their own power. “There will be a craze that will promote our solution, “says co-founder, who also points to the advantage of the deployment of Linky. The latter works in both directions (buy and sell) allows you to move the installation to pay for a 2nd meter. Where connection fees, null and void, as against 1.000 € until October 2016. On the side of the collective, problems remain to be resolved, particularly at the level of contracts between the different participants of a transaction of consumption in a co-ownership or in a subdivision. “The TURPE must also be addressed, since these operations use the local loop or the riser of a building that belongs to Enedis“, she says.
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On the side of the news, the startup plans this summer to incorporate the management of air-conditioning systems, this time through a cascade of IR commands and Wifi. “There is a good correlation between solar production and electric consumption in summer this time !“, plays Ondine Suavet. The company is also the problem of storage, in partnership with SMA. “Even if it has not economic interest, it is a trend which will develop. The prices, which are of 1.000 or 2.000 €/kWh, will go down. It is necessary that this price is divided by four if it wants to monetize the installation in 10 years”, concludes the specialist. MyLight Systems, which already had 2,000 customers at the end of 2016 (including some in Switzerland and in Belgium), intends to double this figure before the end of the year, focusing on the French market alone. The solution has been award-winning in the salon BePositive, demonstrating its innovative character.

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