Modern Extension to a traditional farmhouse Norwegian

RENOVATION. The owners of an old traditional farm, located in Norway, wanted to bring it up to current standards and add an extension. For this, the architectural firm Link Arkitektur has proposed a new structure with contemporary lines inspired by the historical architecture of the local farms.
The long of the longest and largest river in Norway, an old farmhouse has been completely renovated and enlarged. When the new owners bought this farm, they had the ambition to preserve the building and restore one of the last historic farms present in the region in the late 1800s. Their desire was to build an extension in an extension of the existing building and at the same time reinventing its triangular roof. A mission they have entrusted to the architectural firm Link Arkitektur.


To realize this project, it was necessary to demolish some parts of the farm. The instructions for architectural stresses also that particular attention has been focused on other parts of the farm so that they are preserved.


In order that the extension harmonises with the original farmhouse, the architects were inspired by the architecture of the gables of traditional farms that they have modernized to give it a minimalist aesthetic. The architects have chosen to create a large opening window overlooking the garden. Glass and aluminum are materials which are very present on this project.


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