Ministry of territorial Cohesion : the professionals want to believe

GOVERNMENT. Therefore, there is no ministry of Housing in the government of Philippe. But many professional organizations believe that this is not necessarily bad news. Find out why.
First of astonishment, or even of the disappointment for many professionals : the government of prime minister Edouard Philippe does not include a ministry of Housing as such. Richard Ferrand was actually named minister of territorial Cohesion. However, some see the creation of this “super-ministry” as good news. For them, together, into a single entity, several subjects near (city, housing, communities, planning) is the proper configuration to address the problems posed today in the housing sector.


Thus, the Federation of property developers (FPI) welcomed, in a press release, that his call for the creation of a “pole real estate within a large department of the Territories” had apparently been heard. “Even if it is not as comprehensive as we hoped, the closeness of the city and housing within one and the same entity seems to us to be going in the right direction”, says Alexandra Francois-Cuxac, president of the organization.


The REIT “greet” the name of the new department


The REIT does not hesitate to “greet” the name of the new department. “At this stage of the decentralization, it is good coherence and cohesion, whose territories now need to fulfill their missions with efficiency,” say the promoters.


For its part, the national Union of constructors and developers (Snal) has welcomed in a press release “the government’s intention to link housing policy and cohesion of territories”. “There is an urgent need to reconnect the housing policy on the living environment, local services and employment that surrounds it”, says this about Easter Poirot, president of the Snal.


As a reminder, Richard Ferrand, the day of his assumption of office, had even justified the name of his ministry, in an attempt to defuse the concerns of the professionals. “The generic term of ‘territorial cohesion’ has a defect but quality”, he assured. “The default is that it is an abstract term. But it goes without saying that the policy of the city, housing, land use planning… it all had to be together in order that the public action is more effective.”

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