Ministry of territorial cohesion : Richard Ferrand, departure

LAST MINUTE. During an interview with Emmanuel Macron, the minister of territorial Cohesion Richard Ferrand would have accepted to quit the government in order to seek the head of the group the Republic is on in the national Assembly following his election as member of parliament, on Sunday 18 June, in the Finistère.
Just a month after his appointment as minister of territorial Cohesion, Richard Ferrand left his job in the Government. The head of State had proposed to take the head of the group the Republic is on In the national Assembly. A source from the AFP cited by The World, is said to have declared to the press agency, “the president wanted, that Richard Ferrand take the head of the group, because he is a man of confidence and effectiveness (…) [it is] the keystone of the movement”. According to the entourage of the President, this departure would not be an “exfiltration” or a “sanction”.


“It is not a sanction as the most strategic to the national Assembly will be the highlight being the president of the group, the Republic’s power.”Benjamin Griveaux, mp LREM Paris BFMTV.


As a reminder, Richard Ferrand, re-elected this Sunday (an mp in the Finistère, is the subject of a preliminary investigation opened by the public prosecutor of Brest, with regard to a case real estate. On Monday morning, his position of the minister seemed to finally not be compromised, after his election clearly won the day before. It was still a question that a simple redesign technical result of the legislation, in order to strengthen this department in the wide area, possibly with the secretariats of State.


Richard Ferrand was invited by the morning of RTL this 20 June is back on his departure from the ministry of territorial Cohesion and stressed that he had “started to have in-depth contacts with all the partners of the housing and of the local communities“. He also stated “having worked in the roadmap of this department“. Road map, which has already been forwarded to the Prime minister-he said. “Things are in order” for his successor, added Richard Ferrand.


Asked about the proposal of Emmanuel Macron to run the group LREM to the national Assembly Richard Ferrand was felt that it was a sign of “confidence” on the part of the president. The former minister refuted the allegations that he tried to hide behind his parliamentary immunity in cases where an indictment in this folder would emerge. “It is not a question of immunity, if the prosecutor wishes to hear me, I shall hear it, and it goes without saying, of course, of course.” At the Meeting, “we are safe from what, one takes shelter of anything at all, it goes to work.”


Officially, the deputy of Finistère was not surprised by this transfer summer. “We talked about it for many weeks together.” When asked if he was aware, he responds : “of course, of course. We talked about it Sunday.” “It’s been a long time that we exchange with the president to find out how were going to organize responsibilities, so that there is the operation more fluid and more efficient.


The new Government known Wednesday evening


In accordance with the republican tradition in the aftermath of parliamentary elections, the Élysée palace announced on Monday evening by way of a press release that the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had handed the resignation of his government to the President of the Republic. The latter was immediately reconfirmed in his position and has the task of forming a new government. “The composition of the new Government will be made public on Wednesday, June 21, before 18: 00” is specified.


Richard Ferrand, a support of the first hour of Emmanuel Macron


Their paths crossed on October 3, 2014 : Richard Ferrand, mp PS of Finistère, is then appointed temporary mission alongside Emmanuel Macron, minister of Economy, in the framework of the reform of the professions regulated by the law and health. Appointed in the summer of 2015, general rapporteur of the law Macron for the Growth, Activity and Equal economic opportunities, Richard Ferrand was then the first mp to join the movement In motion ! since its creation, in April 2016. The absence of the word “Housing” in the title of the post had attracted criticism when his appointment to the head of the ministry of territorial Cohesion. Despite the case that the aims, he was re-elected mp in the Finistère June 18, 2017.

Interview of Benjamin Grivaux on BFMTV :

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