Mediaconstruct : Cinov construction leaves the ship

The Cinov construction has decided to leave, in his turn, Mediaconstruct, joining four organizations to be “separatists” initials, namely the FFB, Capeb, the Unsfa and the Untec. A meeting is scheduled for next week between these entities to agree on the drafting of a joint press release.
One more ! After the departure of four professional organisations (FFB, Capeb, Untec, Unsfa) of Mediaconstruct, emanation French BuildingSmart association global BIM, it is the turn of the branch “construction” of the Cinov (Federation of trades unions of the intellectual work of the council of engineering and digital) to leave the ship.


“We leave Mediaconstruct for the same reasons as the other”, tells us Gilles Charbonnel, former president of Cinov construction. “The professional organizations (OP) does not weigh enough in terms of representation. We cannot admit that an OP which represents thousands of actors have as much weight as an independent who sits on the board of directors. So we asked what things have changed, but the board of directors of Mediaconstruct refused. We will communicate more widely about the reasons for our departure in ten days.”


Syntec engineering remains on board


Syntec engineering, in contrast, has been claimed to Batiactu that he “renewed his support to Mediaconstruct”, while the national Council of the order of architects (CNOA), contacted by our care, did not wish to comment.


In sub-hand is played as a battle between large groups and the bodies representing SMES/VSES. “Some big players are convinced that the digital look at them, and only them…“, squeaks a source close to the folder. The set of organizations as “separatist” should, according to our information, to meet Tuesday, April 18 to prepare a joint press release explaining the reasons for their departure. A parallel organization could see the light of day.

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