Manta Ray, a landscaping biomimetic to Seoul

ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly. Faithful to his habit, Vincent Callebaut, presented in the framework of an international competition, a project of urban development of the banks of the river Yeouido in Seoul (South Korea), which makes beautiful use of vegetation and green energy. It has a ferry terminal, a park and a cultural complex settled in a large hollow structure. Discovery.
The municipality of Seoul is looking for new ways to invest in infrastructure to promote social cohesion between different socio-economic groups, who would access it in an equitable manner. Vincent Callebaut, architect, whose proposals are often poetic, responds this time by imagining “a vessel floating on the architecture, biophilic and resilient”. Dubbed the “Manta ray”, it aims to “amplify the natural irrigation of the site” by transforming the park Yeouido “in a forest green willow” and creating “a vegetative filter strip in the form of swamps” on the banks of the Han river.
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The landscaping, “permeable“, would become a equipment as well as a cultural hub by hosting no less than four different functions. First of all, floating terminal for the ferries 9.100 m2, which will have the ability to follow the rising waters of the river during the monsoon floods which can reach 5 meters in height. The architect describes this pier as “the leading figure of the overall project”, which manages the river transport of the public and would host cultural spaces outlining the history of the place.

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