MAKING : 25 projects winners designated and ideas sometimes astounding

Among 243 submitted projects for the call for projects to DO, organized by the Pavilion of the Arsenal, and supported by the Paris city hall, 25 have been designated by a jury. The objective now is to see the realisation of his projects, sometimes atypical. Details.
Launched in January 2017, the call for projects to DO, organized by the Pavilion of the Arsenal, and supported by the mayor of Paris, met with a resounding success. In fact, a total of 243 projects, all carried by architects, students of the higher national schools of architecture and multidisciplinary teams, have been received by the organizers. The jury, composed of experts, and chaired by Jean-Louis Missika, deputy Mayor of Paris, appointed on April 27, the 25 winners.


The idea of is born out of the fact that there was of incubators in many areas, but not in architecture. The Pavillon de l’arsenal has therefore decided to launch the 1st accelerator of urban projects and architectural innovative. The goal is not to do theoretical research, but to realize these 25 projects.


Bridge inflatable, economic model unique to densify and add value to the fabric of middle-class, system of planting of the scaffolds, a new service of local and shared bicycles, monuments participatory augmented reality… to DO so will accelerate these 25 projects that explore and interrogate the process of innovative design of the city and architectures of tomorrow, “explains the Pavilion of the Arsenal.


Among the winners, a project surprising who should day-to-day as soon as summer or summer 2018 at the latest : a bridge inflatable made of trampolines.


Bridge, trampoline, inflatable Atelier Zündel Cristea © AZC

=> Discover in the following pages, a few of these award-winning projects.

The 25 winning projects are :
Flag inflatable dynamic
Felix Chameroy, Clara Chotil, Alexander Atamian, Leo Demont, Maud Levy, Laura Mrosla
Under the direction of Nicolas Leduc, Franck Minnaërt


Fab’Brick – brick-making t-shirt
Clarisse Merlet


IDDDEA, 3D Printing concrete / Experiments / Architecture
XtreeE, Christian Pottgiesser Architectures possibles
Workshop climate


Zero Energy Furniture
Furniture phase change for energy savings and improved comfort in the buildings of the City of Paris
Raphaël Ménard & Jean-Sébastien Lagrange


Bridge, trampoline, inflatable
Atelier Zündel Cristea


Frichkit, A workshop, a nomad for Carton
Workshop A+1, Cézar Bazin, Octave Giaume, Inez Winckler
Box Full, Do Huynh


Architecture and Biodiversity – Thinking a new urban ecosystem
Chartier Dalix


Mechanism of ecological compensation for large sites for planting of the structures the technical work
General store, Frederick Leyre, Clement Career & Nicolas Didier


Environmentally-friendly pool float
BASE, Clément Willemin, Pauline Renaud, Ulysse Blau, Kieu Mai Truong


Island green, Demonstrator floating green
Roman de Santis, Axel de Stampa, Sophie société picoty


A prototype compressed earth end of the dredged site
Bellastock, CRAterre, Palaver


A treasure trove of re-employment
Strategies of architectural and programmatic re-use of the glasses, the bent of the “caterpillar” of the Centre Pompidou


Stone, current resource for the territory of the Metropolis
Barrault & Pressacco


The Bet of the Stone, Carrying a flag of experimental stone
Collective Stone


A system of bicycle shared & recycled between individuals, measurement
Acturba, Julien Mixed & Marie Chabrol


2 parts
GRAU, Susanne Eliasson & Anthony Jammes


MAJMA, Martin Jaubert & Antoine Master, MNAi, Maya Nemeta


HOMY : Homes for the Odyssey of Metropolitan Youngsters
Design a new habitat for the Greater Paris
Bond society / Re:bond, Peter Antczak, Christelle Gautreau & Stephanie Morio


A tour of the sports


Car-fly – Development of a car line 6
Please Group


The tree under the water
An installation shaft, a sound level meter and sprinkler system. A tree, a urban sculpture, fountain
Antoine and Clément Bertin


Workshop furniture co-creation
KOZ, Christophe Ouhayoun & Nicolas Ziesel


“Parallel Monuments “ of the city of universal city multitudes
Sebastian Martinez-Barat, Benjamin Lafore & Florian Jomain


IUDo – A new model for the city of tomorrow
Benjamin Aubry, Erwan Bonduelle & Yves Lesteven


Update Paris
Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal

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