Lyon-Turin : 81 projects of contracts for 5.5 billion euros

The société franco-Italian TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin), in charge of creating the rail link between the two cities will unveil this Wednesday, June 21, businesses Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 81 markets, which were launched in the next two years, for a total amount of 5.5 billion euros. Details.
After the long marathon legislative branches of the Lyon-Turin link, which was completed in January last, to the realization of the tunnel of 57 km connecting Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Savoie), and Suse (in Italy), place tenders.
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The company TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin) in charge of creating the rail link Lyon-Turin will unveil on Wednesday 21 June 2017 at the Hotel de Region of Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, located in Lyon, 81 markets, which were launched in the next two years, for a total amount of 5.5 billion euros.


“This is the future tunnel cross-border, and the cost of which is estimated at 8.3 billion euros in its construction phase, and we will announce to all enterprises in the region the program so that they can themselves then participate in it”, had said Hubert du Mesnil, president of the société franco-Italian TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon-Turin), in a press release dated may 22, 2017.


81 tenders are spread over 12 sites


In detail, these 81 calls for tenders are spread over 12 sites : 9 for the work divided into geographical zones (as between the connections to the historic lines in France and Italy) and three for the related activities (recycling of materials, excavation, safety, facilities and equipment), has entrusted us with a spokesman TELT this June 20, 2017.


More specifically, 45 markets relate to the civil engineering divided into four sections (up to € 5 million, between 5 and 500 million euros between 500 million euros and 1.3 billion euros) and 36 for the control of work.


“In the light of the statistics that have been published during the phases of recognition at Saint-Martin-La-Porte and in Chiomonte, it is estimated that the work will involve, licensees and subcontractors, including approximately 20,000 companies in various sectors, for the work of the most simple to the most complex”, complete the employer.


The spokesperson of ETLT we make it clear that“at this time, we are in the phase of selection of the tenders for the two projects, the work base of the trench covered to Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis, Savoie) and those of the development at the foot of the shaft to Villarodin-Bourget Modane (Savoie). The markets are in the process of being scheduled for a beginning of the work for the first half of 2018.”


Its chairman, Hubert du Mesnil, also assured, on 16 June 2017 to AFP that “the schedule is now completely controlled, so that the commissioning of this line is planned for 2030, “even a little before, we hope, we aim to 2028″. He indicated that the French State, to fund its share of the work, is studying the possibility of setting up a eurovignette, levied on the traffic of heavy vehicles.


“Europe opens up this possibility, France has begun to study, the government will later assess whether or not to use this resource, the financing will be guaranteed by the State one way or another,” he said.
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As a reminder, the tunnel boring machine “Federica” long 135 meters excavated from this summer, the gallery is recognition of 9 km of the new rail link had been inaugurated, Thursday, July 21, 2016, by the ex-Prime minister Manuel Valls, in the presence of the representative of the group*. Nearly 450 workers were mobilized in period pic on this site.


*Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin (TELT), and Spie batignolles. A consortium made up of Spie Batignolles TPCI, Sotrabas, Eiffage TP, Ghella, CMC di Ravenna and Cogeis.

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