Logirep sentenced for filing ethnic

The appeal in cassation of the landlord Logirep has been rejected. The baileur social is sentenced for recording ethnicity of its tenants.
Last year’s conviction of the lessor HLM Logirep for recording ethnicity of its tenants and racial discrimination became final after the dismissal of his appeal in cassation, told AFP on Thursday 13 July 2017 of justice source.


The social landlord had been sentenced on march 18, 2016 25,000 euro fine by the court of appeal of Versailles, for recording ethnicity, but also discrimination against a candidate who was denied an apartment on the grounds that he was black, a crime for which he had been acquitted in first instance in Nanterre. It was the second conviction for discrimination of a public body, after that pronounced against the Opac of Saint-Etienne in February 2009.


A tour with “a lot of people of african and caribbean descent”


The case goes back to the complaint, in 2005, an agent for the RATP to be of ivorian origin, which explained being denied a three-piece in a tower of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) managed by Logirep, on the grounds that he was black. In the course of the investigation had been found as a computer file in which were mentioned the origins of the tenants. At the time, the committee of award had motivated the refusal by checking the box “social mix”. To learn more, the candidate had been called for by Logirep and recorded his conversation with an employee who had explained that there was “a lot of people of african origin and west indian” in this tower.


In the first instance, the court found that the lessor was not responsible for the refusal of the housing allocation, issued by the commission, whose links with Logirep had not been established. The court of appeal had held that the commission was an organ of Logirep, a decision disputed by the lessor in its appeal, but validated by the Court of cassation.

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