Lawsuit asbestos : victims scandalisées by the ‘non-place’ that is emerging

JUSTICE. The public prosecutor of Paris requested the investigations in twenty records related to the scandal of asbestos. The associations of defence of victims have reacted very strongly to this choice, and have already said they would appeal in the case of a non-place.
A form of amazement. This is what felt the associations of defence of victims of asbestos when they have taken cognizance of the decision of the parquet de Paris. It was requested at the end of the investigation in several criminal investigations relating to asbestos, including cases of Eternit and Everite (Saint-Gobain group).


“It is just outrageous”, said with Batiactu Alain Bobbio, national secretary of the national Association of defense of asbestos victims (Andeva). The prosecution motivates its decision by stating that “the diagnosis of a pathology related to asbestos, the evidence of intoxication, but does not allow the dating of the exposure or contamination”. “The prosecutor’s decision is, therefore, with a single argument”, storm Alain Bobbio, “an argument which is contradicted by the scientific expertise on which he claims to support”. According to the association, the latter has, in fact, that the contamination coincided with the exhibition, because there is no threshold below which asbestos is safe. “It is not necessary to think in terms of date, we need to think in terms of period of exposure to asbestos”, explains Alain Bobbio. “Regardless of whether the poisoning took place on a Monday or a Tuesday !”


According to the Andeva, the argument of the prosecutor would also have the potential lack of being able to potentially extend to all exposures to a carcinogen-mutagenic-reprotoxic (CMR).


The associations will call in the event of non-place


“Today, we are directed, therefore, towards a non-place”, thinks Alain Bobbio. “The national Federation of injured workers and the disabled (Fnath) and us contesterions immediately this decision.” “We’re talking about a disaster that will make 100,000 deaths, and a statement that lasts for 21 years”, explains Alain Gobbio to Batiactu. The Andeva ensures not wanting to act with “vengeance”, but to learn from the mistakes of the past and take the necessary measures to ensure that such a scandal doesn’t happen in the future.

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