Law “Right to error, Simplification” : the U2P prepares proposals

While the presentation to the Council of ministers of the draft Law “on the Right to error and Simplification” will be pushed to the back, the U2P welcomed on Wednesday the “good directions in the text.” Moreover, the employers ‘organisation wish to”go further”. Details.
A new setback to the Government for the official presentation of the draft Law “on the Right to error and Simplification” ? While the text should be initially exposed this week by the Council of ministers, the Government has taken care to fend off this text “ambitious” at the beginning, a-t-we learned this on Wednesday during a press conference of the U2P, organized by Alain Griset, president of the U2P and Michel Chassang , vice-president of the U2P and president of the national Union of liberal professions.
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Even if the writing of this text, 45 pages of which Batiactu has acquired a copy last week was done according to our sources in the”emergency,” Alain Griset, welcomes in any case, the”advanced device”.


“It is necessary to do so to simplify the daily life of businesses.” Alain Griset


“I have always repeated that the Government was going in the right direction, on the Right of Error and Simplification, but that it was insufficient, he stressed. It is necessary to do so to simplify the daily life of businesses.”


Interviewed by Batiactu, on the end of the “over-transposition of european standards”, Alain Griset, also believes that“it is necessary to have in France a radical change in approach.” He referred in particular to articles 8 and 9 of the text dedicated to the “end of the over-transposition of european standards”.


Recall that the CPME, employers ‘ organisation rival, welcomed as of July 25, 2017 of this device. She applauded all these measures : “trust, assuming good faith and accepting the error during the procedures declarations will undoubtedly in the right direction”.
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Finally, on the principle of the “right to error” which has the objective of apply, in a manner transverse to the administration, the U2P declare themselves to be “favourable” to the government, and in particular the office of Gérald Darmanin, the new minister of the Action and of the public Accounts. In the meantime a presentation of the draft law by the Council of ministers scheduled to return to school, U2P would like to “go further” and propose new initiatives in favour of businesses, it was learnt on Wednesday.


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