Large-scale renovation in preparation for the Sydney Opera house

Long criticized for its acoustics, the Opera house of Sydney will get to know a vast campaign of renovation. The work amounted to 184 million euros, will last for seven months.
It is a renovation that could be described as history awaits the famous Sydney Opera house, registered since 2007 for the classification of world heritage by Unesco. In order to address acoustic problems, since long ago recognized, an extensive renovation plan will be launched from may 20. The work in the second largest performance space of the Opera house, Joan Sutherland Theatre, will last for seven months. The renovation will involve the installation of a new ceiling fitted, new acoustic baffles to better distribute the sound.
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Specifically, work will also focus on the replacement of part of the machinery, cables, and winches that can move lighting and accessories. For the purpose of improving the conditions for the artists as for the public. “All the machinery and the technology currently used was already in the 1970s. It had been installed in the 1960s, so elaborated in fact in the 1950s“, said to AFP Wednesday, Philby Lewis, technical manager of the Opera house.


The austrian company, which had built the equipment behind the scenes of the Opera, was again mobilized for the renovation. The cost of this renovation amounted to 184 million also

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