Labels BEPOS and Effinergie+, where are they ?

The labels of energy performance delivered by Cerqual, Céquami, Certivéa and the other awarding bodies were joined, in the month of march last, by a development of the highest level, known as “Bepos-Effinergie 2017”. The quarterly dashboard draw up the balance of these first months of existence.
The labels that distinguish the constructions with positive energy change. The “classic” Bepos-Effinergie 2013″ is now complemented by the all-new “Bepos-Effinergie 2017“, launched on the 8th of march 2017. In a few weeks of life, a first home has already been certified and inaugurated, in the presence of the president of the collectif Effinergie, Hubert Dejean de la Batie. It has been designed timber frame with insulation for the interior and exterior rock wool. Its heating system also provides ventilation and cooling. In addition to this detached house, two buildings of collective housing consisting of 48 apartments have also been labelled.
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His eldest son, “Bepos-Effinergie 2013“, has been asked by 192 individual houses (15 bulk operations and 19 in sector diffuse) and 2.150 collectives in 51 transactions. On the first half of the year 2017, 10 new claims have been registered of which 9 group and 1 in housing is grouped. The projects are distributed in all the regions of france, with the exception of the Central region. The Île-de-France, alone, brings together 27 % of the operations Bepos-Effinergie 2013, with 784 housing units concerned. She beat Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (18 %, or 258 units). For the park in the services sector, are 487.532 m2 in 85 transactions, which have deposited records, including 11 during the first months of the year. It is primarily the public works department which is the motor of this type of construction (53 % of the requests). “However, these 45 operations will not include that 25 % of the total surface area affected by the label Bepos-Effinergie 2013, “notes the group. These multifamily buildings are mainly for teaching (17 operations) or offices (13 operations). The average surface areas do not exceed 1,500 m2 for the first class and 5,000 m2 for the second. The mastery of work private, it, files mostly requests for offices (36 operations) to an area much higher (almost 10,000 m2 in average). All of these constructs are divided into the 12 regions of the country, but we note very high concentrations in the Île-de-France (47) and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (26).


For the label “Effinergie +“, the number of current folders is 1.712 individual houses and 36.442 group housing, 843 operations. Since the beginning of the year 2017, 82 requests were made, representing nearly 5,000 units of housing. On average, the buildings consist of 58 units and they are distributed on the whole national territory. But, once again, the region of Île-de-France has a massive head, with 2.113 housing Effinergie + per million inhabitants. She beat Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (342/million h), the larger Is (344/million h), the Hauts de France (329/million h) and the New Aquitaine (291/million h). This last great area is also particularly dynamic on the housing grouped (30 operations 400 dwellings) and individual houses in the diffuse (143 housing units is 65 % of the homes pending certification). “This result can be explained by the presence of the aid granted by the former region of Poitou-Charentes for the construction of houses certified Effinergie +“, analysis of the collective. With regard to tertiary buildings, 172 operations are in the process of certification, mainly for the owners ‘ private (80 % of cases), which build offices. The mastery of work private is more indented with 15 operations for school buildings and 7 operations offices. Again, the average surface areas are much lower than in the private sector, namely 1.300 m2 against 15.630 m2.
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The label “historic” BBC-Effinergie concerns, for its part, 107.322 individual housing and 574.898 collective (15.730 operations). “Nearly half of these collective dwellings are concentrated in regions IdF (173.000), and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (81.424)“, underlines once again Effinergie. “We see that the dynamic construction of collective housing BBC-Effinergie may vary from 14.570 to 4,000 housing units per million inhabitants according to the regions“, the territories of Centre-Val de Loire-and Burgundy-Franche-Comté are the least well-off. The individual grouped together 5.580 operations for 62.664 housing, while in the sector is diffuse, what are the 45,000 homes that are in the process of certification. The rate of issuance for this label, the oldest of which is high : about 80 % for the group and grouped, and even 98 % for the diffuse. In parallel, more than 1,000 buildings representing a total of 6.65 million m2 of surface are included in the process. Books carried by private operators (82 % of cases), mainly for offices (532 operations on 749). Hotels (94) and businesses (48) are less represented. The public works department, it is focused on offices (93), school buildings (85) or health (30).


Finally, the label BBC-Effinergie Renovation is aimed at a more 118.000 public housing 1.915 operations. The first half of 2017 has seen the arrival of 159 new claims for almost 14.000 dwellings to renovate. It is, more often than not, collective dwellings (84 % of operations and 98 % of dwellings), not surprisingly, the Ile-de-France concentrates 33 % of operations and 44 % of the dwellings. But Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (329 transactions), Big East (208), Hauts de France (193) and Normandy (146) exhibit large volumes of renovations. “Conversely, the observed dynamics in New Aquitaine, Brittany, PACA, Centre Val de Loire and the Loire valley, is well below the national average of 1.340 renovated housing units BBC/million people“, concludes the collectif Effinergie. It is calculated that buildings account for about 70 dwellings. Single-family homes renovated and certified in industry diffuse concern only 216 units on the whole of France. For the tertiary sector, 381 operations (3,21 million m2), which have been the subject of a request. As for the previous certification, it is master-builders who invest in offices in rehabilitate, predominantly in the Ile-de-France. The public works department focuses, on it, on school buildings.

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