JO Paris 2024 : Los Angeles is positioning itself ultimately to 2028

The city of Los Angeles would throw the sponge to hold the olympics in 2024 ? Interviewed by an american website, its mayor, Eric Garcetti has clearly raised the possibility that “his city agrees to hold the Games in 2028.”Details.
Paris is it already safe to host olympic Games in 2024 ? As from 11 July 2017, the international olympic Committee (IOC) and the committee of nomination of Los Angeles to negotiate the terms of a downturn by Los Angeles in 2024 on the edition 2028, the city council of the agglomeration in california just roll out the red carpet for the Paris 2024.
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In an interview, the 26 July 2017 at the american website BuzzFeed, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has suggested that his city could accept to host the olympics in 2028, leaving it to Paris to organize the previous edition four years earlier. He said that the prospect of seeing his city to organize the edition of 2024 “would not likely happen”. The elected american then explained the proposals for the IOC to accept the organization were now “financially so beneficial that we would be stupid not to take 2028.”


An extension of € 100 million should be granted to the one who will organize 2028
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The metropolis of california, confirms that it is ready to concede the olympic games in 2024 in Paris to receive in exchange those of 2028, with a financial compensation promised by the IOC. For 2024, the budget allocated by the IOC to the host city is estimated at 1.3 billion euros. According to AFP, an extension of € 100 million should be granted to the one who will organize 2028.


“We won, but it is very likely that 2024 will not happen to us, even if the olympic movement would be well inspired to choose us for 2024, because Los Angeles has always managed to revive the brand JO”, was also explained to the elected. Recall that if no agreement is reached, the initial procedure will be applied and only the Games of 2024 will be awarded by the IOC to vote on 13 September in Lima, Peru.

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