JO Paris 2024 : a new bridge will connect Saint-Denis and the Ile-Saint-Denis

IMAGES. While the olympic Village will be built at Saint-Denis/Pleyel in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the event of a victory of Paris, the olympics 2024, it is the group composed of Artélia, Lavigne & Chéron, Philippon-Kalt, which will perform the gateway of 130 metres. Objective : to link Saint-Denis and the ile Saint-Denis.
In the meantime as the host city of the olympic Games in 2024 to be elected in Lima (Peru) September 13, 2017, Paris sets up already-and-already of a future bridge to link Saint-Denis and the ile Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis. This is the group composed by Artélia, Lavigne & Chéron and Philippon-Kalt, who was appointed in June 2017 for achieving a new essential infrastructure for the territory, stated by the departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, in a press release dated June 23, 2017. “It will be a new essential link in the connection between the future district Universeine of Saint-Denis, sites such as river and the other existing districts of the Ile-Saint-Denis, the cité du cinéma and the pole Pleyel”, complete the community in the same press release.
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An infrastructure project central for the Paris bid 2024


Let’s remind that the project of the eco-district between the communes of Saint-Denis and the Ile-Saint-Denis will be used in 2024 athletes ‘ village. It will be connected so both sides of the Seine through this gateway under the control of the work of the county Council.
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Check out page 2, the new gateway that will connect Saint-Denis and the Ile-Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis.


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