JO 2024 : “We have need of construction professionals !”, A. Hidalgo

INTERVIEW. While the eleven members of the evaluation commission of the international olympic Committee (IOC) to conduct their visit to the sites to study the application dossier in paris at the organization of the olympic games in 2024, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, reminds Batiactu what are the strengths of the architectural, urban and social project.
Since Sunday, may 14, the city of Paris in great pomp, until Tuesday the 16, the evaluation commission of the international olympic Committee (IOC), who comes to gauging the capabilities of the French capital to host the olympic Games 2024. Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, describes the strong points of the project of the capital.

Batiactu : July 6, 2005, you were there when Paris lost the 2012 olympics… what is it that has given you the urge to return and organize Paris 2024 ?

Anne Hidalgo : This is the sports world, which convinced me to hire me in this great adventure. In February 2015, the French Committee of international sport (CFSI) and the national olympic Committee and French sports (CNOSF) have given me an opportunity study of an exceptional quality. In this project, they have made the choice of sobriety, making the most of the many facilities of high level that exist on our territory. They have shown a real ambition in terms of respect for the environment and sustainable development, in line with the 2020 Agenda of the IOC. They have also proposed a vision that is at once very new, very innovative and very powerful Games, based on sharing and, therefore, capable of putting in motion all the forces of our city, of the metropolis and of the country. Since then, we have provided a collective work, around Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset, we have combined all the actors and all the political sensitivities, achieving a unity without disagreement with this nomination. We thought these Games for the athletes, delegations and visitors, but also for locals, with a legacy to be both useful and sustainable.

Batiactu : What will be the strength of the application on the plan of the 36 sites ?

Anne Hidalgo : Paris 2024, it is first and foremost a project of an exceptional compactness. 85% of venues will be located within a radius of 10km around the Olympic Village, itself contained in a radius of 500m. All athletes will be housed less than twenty minutes from their training site. This is a gain of comfort considerable. This application is also based on the exceptional quality of our public transport network. Already ranked as the most densely populated in the world by theInstitute for transportation and development policy, based in New York, it will be further perfected by 2024, thanks to the Grand Paris express. 100% of the spectators of the Games will constantly be within 400 metres of a metro station and can travel to events by public transport. Another plus : our ability to celebrate the sport and the values of Olympism at the heart of the city. Paris has a real culture of celebration and large gatherings in the public space, as we have seen during the UEFA Euro 2016, we see it every year with Nuit blanche. These Games, it is the promise of competition venues and celebration at the heart of the capital, with the park of the Banks of the Seine, lush world Heritage of the Unesco, as a thread.

Batiactu : housing programs are planned in this framework ?

Anne Hidalgo : Yes, it is the sense of the olympic village, located in the banks of the Seine to the Île-Saint-Denis. With an area of 50 hectares, it is a model of urban renewal and sustainable innovations. It will have about 3,500 housing units, distributed in buildings of seven floors that will meet the highest environmental standards. It will be powered by 100% renewable energy, there will be green spaces and urban agriculture. During the Games, it will accommodate up to 17,000 athletes and officials, with a very high level of comfort. At the end of the Games, it will be a new eco-development at full-fledged at the heart of the Seine-Saint-Denis, who will make the beautiful part to the social mix. Besides, I am very glad that in the framework of this application, we have managed to guide new investments in the Seine-Saint-Denis department and is the youngest of France, which must take a major role in the future of the Île-de-France.

Batiactu : The law of the Olympic Games is, after you have a good idea to accelerate projects ?

Anne Hidalgo : If the IOC decides in mid-September to award the Games in 2024 in Paris, we will work with the State and the members of parliament to an act of the olympic and paralympic, which will facilitate the achievement of this fabulous project. On this subject, I have no doubt about the fact that we move forward in consensus and in unity, as it is the case since the beginning of the application.

Batiactu : What will be the benefits for the Parisians of the buildings related to the project 2024 ?

Anne Hidalgo : We want to ensure that these Games are useful to the population. From the beginning of the nomination process, I have set up a coaching program with 43 measures, which is reflected now by concrete progress. Stéphane Troussel, president of the departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, did the same for his territory. The plan parisian predicts that by 2024, every inhabitant is less than 5 minutes of sports equipment. We will do physical activity in the urban space a true lever of public health, we will create sports facilities in social housing, to encourage the sports practice of the families and children or the elderly. For example, I signed last February a partnership agreement with the Rector of the Academy of Paris, for the opening of new classes, sports schedules furnished in the various districts. The Paris Games would also help make the Seine river, to swimming, to the olympic events but also, lastingly, to the Parisians and visitors. On the economic front, the Games are also a genuine lever for the creation of activities and jobs that cannot be relocated, with the benefits of long-term, in particular on the tourist map. The Centre for law and economics of sport in Limoges (CDES) has conducted an impact study is extremely rigorous, which estimated that the Games would create 250,000 new jobs and would lead to 10.7 billion euros in economic benefits. These are only a few examples of the impact that is at once very concrete and very positive of the project.

Batiactu : What message would you pass on to architects, urban planners and construction professionals, parisians eagerly await the date of 13 September 2017, in which the winning city will be designated ?

Anne Hidalgo : we need them, their energy, their creativity, to evaluate and to live this application ! Since the beginning of my mandate, I have been increasingly involved in municipal projects, with innovative approaches such as those re-invent Paris, to Reinvent the Seine or DO. This participatory approach, co-construction, which federates the energies, we have to heart to also be applied to these Games. Our mobilization must be total, and this until the end of the application process. As for any sporting competition, we must give the maximum and the best of us until the finish line !


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