JO 2024 : the IOC delivers the good and bad points of Paris and Los Angeles

DECRYPTAGE. The evaluation commission of the international olympic Committee (IOC), has prepared, on 5 July, a series of assessments, positive and negative, on the nominations of Paris and Los Angeles to the olympic games of 2024. Discover what are they before the great oral fixed on the 11th of July next in Lausanne.
Honors for Paris, but could do better on the “dispersion of the sites.” In his report of 182 pages, the evaluation commission of the international olympic Committee (IOC) has listed the 5 July 2017, the strong and weak points of the concept and the vision of Paris and Los Angeles, bidding for the olympic Games of 2024. A document* who falls to the peak a few days before the intervention of the French delegation and the head of the State, Emmanuel Macron, planned for 11 July in Lausanne (Switzerland) in front of the hundred or so IOC members.


Remember that these assessments are based after the visit of the members of the commission, from 9 to 12 may in Los Angeles, and then from 13 to 16 may in Paris. In the aftermath of a similar visit, in the american city, the only other candidate city, the eleven members of the evaluation Commission of the IOC were back in the heart of the matter by making, for example, the Eiffel Tower, to the future olympic village, at the Stade de France, on the cluster paris, le Bourget, Seine-Saint-Denis (centre of media and five sites of sports events), at the Zenith in la Villette and the Seine, at the Parc des Princes and Roland-Garros in the end of the day on may 15.


The report of the CIO, driven by Patrick Baumann, a member of the forum olympic, has integrated the messages of the two candidates, but takes great care not to decide : “whatever the description, it is truly an amazing story of two great olympic cities. The two projects differ in nature but each city presents a proposal perfectly authentic that reflects the best of what each has to offer.” The two cities offer, in effect, to hold the JO at the different dates in 2024: from 19 July to 4 August for Los Angeles, and from 2 to 18 August, for Paris.


The IOC document says that Paris, the host city of the olympic games in 1900 and 1924, “has everything it takes to organize Games remarkable.”In addition, the passion for the sport, and olympic sports in particular, which animates the country, Paris is based on a sports movement deeply rooted, a great experience in organization of competitions in all olympic sports and decades of experience as a tourist destination among the most popular in the world,” he adds. According to the commission, Paris, also reflects the “desire to use the Games as a catalyst to increase the practice of sport”.


In addition, the assessment committee, points out that“it is not surprising that Paris-2024 has shaped its concept around in places forming a backdrop to the stunning as the Seine, the Louvre, the Notre-Dame cathedral or Orsay museum.”


JO Paris 2024 : olympic day celebrated in Paris on the 23rd of June 2017 © S. C. Batiactu

“The dispersion of the sites in Paris”, as pointed by the report of the IOC


On the other hand, the IOC report, points to a concern on the “scattering sites”, believing that “the atmosphere of the olympic symbol in the Great Paris would be difficult to create.”


As to the question of security, major, security forces in france are “extremely efficient, professional and capable of ensuring the protection of the Games,” judge of the ioc and the IOC has praised the “improvements” tested “successfully” during the football Euro in 2016.


Regarding the nomination of Los Angeles, was qualified as”innovative” and “avant-garde”, the report emphasises that 97 % of the competition venues of the games in the city of california are existing or temporary, compared to 93% for Paris. In spite of everything, the extensive renovation of the velodrome for the track cycling is criticized by the IOC. It will require, according to her, “more consultation with the parties concerned”. As for transport, “the success of the implementation of the transport strategy for the Games, including the olympic lane network, would require significant efforts in terms of management and traffic reduction”, adds the document.


Since the publication of the report, Paris 2024 commended, on Wednesday in a press release dense “glowing report”. After you have set before, the 30 assets, announced by the rapporteur, the candidate city points out that “the models of funding and governance proposed are sound and fully consistent with the manner in which the sport is organized in the country, including the structure that engages the full participation of the public authorities at all levels.”
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Pending the intervention of the French delegation, on 11 July in Lausanne, Bernard Lapasset, and Tony Estanguet, co-chairmen of the Paris 2024 met, with Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée presidential palace on Thursday afternoon. With a single objective : to refine the oral examination before the final vote set on 13 September in Lima (Peru).

*Find here the report of the evaluation Commission of the international olympic Committee.

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