Jean-Louis Borloo, minister acclaimed by the industry, takes a position

According to our recent survey, Jean-Louis Borloo is the minister who has most contributed to the sector of the construction in the last 20 years. Although removed from the political life for the last three years, the former minister of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy came out of his silence to announce his support for the candidate Emmanuel Macron.
During our last survey we asked you which ministers had made in the last 20 years in the housing sector, the architecture, the environment, but also for businesses and artisans. In four cases, Jean-Louis Borloo raid the setting. The policy of the city and the creation of the ANRU, by the former minister, it seems, marked the spirits. The former minister of Jacques Chirac and then Nicolas Sarkozy is the leader for housing and construction (40%), ahead of Gilles de Robien (19%), and Pierre-André Périssol (7%), for enterprises and crafts (23%), ahead of Xavier Bertrand (11%) and Arnaud Montebourg (10%), and for the environment (31%), ahead of the current minister Ségolène Royal (12%) and Corinne Lepage (12%).
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As a reminder, regarding the architecture, it is Frédéric Mitterrand (20%), which has the more provided, followed by Philippe Douste-Blazy (12%) and Jean-Jacques Aillagon (10%). Jean-Louis Borloo is not listed in this category, not having been minister of Culture. If not, would he, too, won the votes ?


Jean-Louis Borloo goes out of his silence
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Withdrawn from political life since 30 April 2014, Jean-Louis Borloo has finally decided to come out of his silence three years later. The reason for this ? The presence of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election. For him, “the hypothesis of a victory of the national Front, both Marine Le Pen and then to the legislative by the mechanical effect of the Fifth Republic, is perfectly conceivable“, he declared on this 30th of April to the 20 hours of France 2. The former president of the UDI, therefore, has indicated that he is committed “to bottom” to “help Emmanuel Macron“. But when the presenter asked him if he could be his Prime minister, Jean-Louis Borloo sweeps up the idea and replied : “I have all the defects of the world, but I’m not going to start a career ambitious at my age“.


In the meantime, he calls for a vote “for Emmanuel Macron” and “against the FN”, exclaiming : “We’re not going to wake up with the national Front !“. His appeal will he heard by the professionals in the sector who have praised his work through our investigation ? Response on 7 may.

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