ITE residential towers : what is the situation in France ?

FOCUS. While the british survey reveals problems at the level of insulation from the outside of the tower Grenfell of London, Batiactu was interested in five projects of thermal rehabilitation of buildings similar, located in France. What technical solutions have been adopted ? Elements of response.
The Council of Architects of Europe (CAE) is expressed following the fire of the tower Grenfell in London and deplores a disaster”,which would most certainly have been avoided“. Without pronouncing on the causes of the disaster of the tower housing, the commission notes : “We can say, however, that the technical characteristics of materials and their implementation are directly from our jurisdiction“. Luciano Lazzari, president of the CAE, said : “This accident underscores the huge responsibility of architects and all the professionals in the building sector vis-à-vis the company“. Professionals who are invited to “be extremely careful in their choice” and “aware of the impact that their specifications can have on the safety and well-being of citizens“.
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In addition to the Channel, the first elements of the investigation show that the thermal insulation of the building’s 27 floors, raised in the summer of 2016, employing an insulation polyisocyanurate under the cladding panels composite aluminium-polyethylene, with an air gap provided between the two. A configuration that would have compounded the disaster by facilitating its spread to the upper floors, all while releasing harmful fumes. The use of panels “Reynobond PE” would not have been appropriate for a building of this height. But what is the situation in France ?


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