Insurance : what you need to know about choosing

The withdrawal from the market of an insurer is never a good news for the actors of the building and can be a source of anxiety. What are the tips to avoid such situations and how to manage them ?
At the beginning of the month, an insurer managing numerous developers, craftsmen and builders of private houses announced its withdrawal from the market in Europe. Contacted, prudential supervision Authority and resolution (ACPR) of the Bank of France a book of practical advice for all insured persons.


First of all, for those who would be affected by this withdrawal, the ACPR advised to “get closer to its insurance intermediary and do not hesitate to ask specific questions about the exact consequences of this event on his personal situation management (claims incurred or future replacement contracts, etc)“. The authority recalls that “the intermediary is bound by a duty of council” and that he should “not hesitate to ask him for a written document that summarizes its recommendations, to make your case in the event of a dispute“.


How to be sure ?
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More generally, CAPRA made the recommendations : “Do not hesitate to ask his insurance broker for specific information on the insurer who carries the risk, on its geographical location, on the authority that the control and on the existence of a guarantee fund which could intervene in case of bankruptcy of the insurer“. The authority insists : “Theyet, the intermediary is held to a duty to advise and the duty of the council implies that the intermediary is assured of the quality of the insurer with which it works“.

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