Insee will disseminate a new index, the TP for the optical fiber

Insee will publish shortly the developments of a new index, public Works dedicated to tracking costs of production, networks of fiber-optic communication. Serce welcomes this initiative.
During may, the Insee will begin to publish the developments of a new index, TP, numbered “12d”, which will allow the monitoring of the cost of production of networks of fiber-optic communication. “The Union of engineering companies, electrical and climate (Serce) is pleased that all of its proposals have been chosen by the Insee, which has just announced the creation of this index,” says the professional organisation, in a press release.


The achievement of this index is the result of work carried out since 2014, between the Serce and the national Federation of public works (FNTP). The objective was to refresh the composition of the index TP 12 as a function of the evolution of the market.


The index TP 12 will break down now as follows :


– TP 12a : energy Networks
– TP 12b : public Lighting, installation work
– TP 12c : public Lighting, maintenance work
– TP-12d : communication Networks

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