Infrastructure engineering : Ginger is the acquisition of Lehmann+Partner

The Ginger group has conducted a new operation of external growth by this time hand low on Lehmann+Partner, a German actor of the engineering of the road infrastructure and urban. It pursues its expansion strategy articulated around the activities of council and prescription.
Ginger wants to reach the 200 M€ of turnover by 2020. To achieve this, it deploys a strategy of external growth which leads, today, to be the purchaser of a German specialist of the engineering of the road infrastructure and urban : Lehmann+Partner. The latter has a turnover of€ 8 Million with a workforce of 120 people.
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The French group said : “His vocation is focused on the collection of data of high value-added to provide managers and communities with program-specific costing and planning their work road. These measures are also available for projects of censuses, detailed and geo-located of all the street furniture (signage, bins, benches, traffic lights, etc)“. The German company uses vehicles specially equipped with imaging technologies and detection (Lidar).


New skills and new markets
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Thanks to this, Ginger says “completingits know-how in the sector“, where it was already present by the benefits of testing, inspections and laboratory analyses, “by new skills and technology that is among the most efficient in Europe“. Philippe Margarit, president of Ginger, explains : “Lehmann+Partner is part of these companies to high-potential technical and scientific with technology very advanced. For us it is an opportunity to create an offer engineering complete roadside and with a global role“. The group already had a network of 70 agencies in France and Africa, employing more than 1,500 employees. It made its entry into two new markets, Germany and Poland, where it operates Lehmann+Partner. For its part, the German company hopes to take advantage of this “power of one ” extended network” to accelerate its growth.

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