Indispensable on construction sites : the wheelbarrow bbq !

The firm alsatian Haemmerlin has unveiled a tool for dual-use : wheelbarrow and bbq. The machine, made of galvanized steel, has a coating of enamelled special cooking high temperature. What to do in the garden and then enjoy then the beautiful season a user-friendly way.
We knew the tradition of the leg-bitumen on the building, which is to gather all trades around a shoulder of lamb cooked stew in a melting bitumen, increased to 250 °C. It may be now to think of another tradition : that of the grill-wheelbarrow ! And this is not an April fool.


It is the manufacturer of wheelbarrows, devils and other concrete mixers, Haemmerlin that comes to develop this concept, clever, under the name of H Grill. The manufacturer explains : “Rather than devote space to the barbecue in the garden or on the terrace, we offer a barbecue all-terrain“. According to the say of its designers, the machine brings the mobility and stability of the wheelbarrow and allows you to move the grill as needed. Convenient for moving the machine if the wind has turned and the table is located under the smoke of grilled sardines… Or to quickly put away the merguez in case of spring rainfall.


Not diy, a solution of the R&D


Haemmerlin states that it is not a solution improvised but beautiful and well a product is mature, secure, that meets the NF standards relating to… cooking appliances. The deep bowl galvanized double layer (separated by an air mattress), of 100 gallons capacity is covered inside of a glazing, special high-temperature, able to accommodate several pounds of charcoal, spread evenly without deforming because of the heat. The grid, of large dimensions, will cook a large quantity of victuals, is also treated, steel food this time. As with all barbecue grills, luxury, the wheelbarrow is equipped with a storage tray under the box for the pliers and kitchen utensils. And like all the tools of the brand, the craft is resistant to all weather and will thus pass the harsh season without a hitch. More elegant than a brazier, more convenient to use than a traditional grill for transporting materials, the wheelbarrow-barbecue-joined the useful to the pleasant. You will impress your friends for only 399 € (VAT included) with the worthy object of to go in the pantheon of the “Catalog of Objects not Found” Jacques Carelman !


This is the merguez party, as long as there are embers, it is not finished ! © Haemmerlin


Wheelbarrow-grill H Grill by the numbers :
Size : 1.420 x 680 x 610 mm
Weight : 25 kg
Chassis : galvanized
Wheel : 390 mm (full)
Conformity : NF EN 1860-1
Dimensions of the cooking grid : 660 x 540 mm


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