In the Landes, a villa with swimming pool, screened-in

PARADISE PRIVATE. In the Landes, the owners have used an architect to build a villa intimate, with infinity pool. Discovery.
A secondary residence, which would become, eventually, a principal residence. This was the primary mission of construction of the architect Bernard Champagnat, missioné by a client to carry out a villa in the department of the Landes. “It was an old field of housing estates of the 50s remained wooded”, explains the master of the work to Batiactu. The architect has been given carte blanche on the project, if the house had to be “open to the outside”. As there was enough room, an infinity pool could be put in place.


The local town council had also posed as a requirement that does not touch the surrounding vegetation. The site was constrained, as there is a rise of 8-9 meters between the street and the field. “The access is done so by the sub-soil”, explains Bernard Champagnat, where you can find two-seater vehicles, and a laundry room.

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