“In some cases, the assistance of architect is inadequate,” Mr Louis (USH)

INTERVIEW. While the decree published in the official Journal of 12 April 2017 will force all the HLM organizations to organize competitions, architect, Marianne Louis, secretary general of the USH, explains to Batiactu why she denies this device was defended by the Order of architects.
Batiactu : A decree published in the official Journal on April 12, 2017 forced all the HLM organizations to hold competitions as an architect. What is your reaction ?
Marianne Louis :
The decree of 12 April 2017 is not well received by the movement HLM. Let us be clear, the HLM organizations are masters of books particularly conscious of the architectural quality and each new project, and rehabilitation, they work with architects who are true partners whose expertise is essential. What is at issue in this decree it is the procedure of choice of the architect, which is imposed by way of an architectural competition.


Batiactu : Why do you have social housing should be exempt from competition ?
Marianne Louis :
The architectural competition is not a procedure that is appropriate in all configurations. For example, as when the body Housing has a masters of some of the plot, it can hold a contest without risk that the property escapes him, but if access to the property is via a developer or a third party, the scenario becomes more complex. It is possible for cities to want to co-construct the project with the teams of project management, especially with the help of an architect coordinator. In this configuration, if the organization designates its master to work on a sketch, without entering into a dialogue, it becomes much more difficult to enter into this co-design and the contest becomes burdensome for the project and the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.


In other cases, communities may be put in competition with the project owners, requesting them to present a folder with a project manager appointed. In these cases the donors who apply are not certain to lead the project, they are far too in advance to organize a contest with a specific program. It is clear that the contest, such as choice of supervisor is inappropriate.


Project management, its challenges, its strategies, its contexts, have evolved, and today, the competition procedure is not well suited for certain configurations of co-design of the city and the risk of penalizing the access to land of the Hlm organizations.


“This may encourage communities, developers, to promote even more the use of operations management book purely private.”


Batiactu : last January, the movement HLM wished to initiate an appeal with the Council of State, what is it today ?
Marianne Louis :
Our topic is today to benefit from a legislative and regulatory framework adapted to our time and out of a vision of backward-looking and counterproductive.


The inadequacy of the procedure, its lack of flexibility, the extension of the time limits of the order of 6 to 8 months to appoint a contractor, the costs incurred -the costs of organising the competition and the loss of rents that may represent 1% to 2% of the cost of operations – is likely to encourage communities, developers, to promote even more the use of operations management book purely private, by promoting private, for the construction of social housing. I don’t see how this will guarantee anything for the architects. When they are produced to be sold to HLM organizations these transactions do not give rise to any competition procedure mandatory.


“Work in the coming months of legislative and regulatory proposals.”


Instead of hindering the developer HOUSING, the public authorities, and architects are professionals who are, like us, their thoughts and their work in the time, must understand that the French society, at a time when it thinks of its energy efficiency, its adaptation to the demographic transitions, and economic climate, has everything to win to the strengthening of the mastery of work-cost Housing. Because the mastery of work, social integrates design and construction as a guarantee of quality, sustainability and scalability in the long-term heritage.
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We want to work in the coming months of legislative and regulatory proposals, supplemented by operational proposals in order to ensure that the developer HOUSING of an equality of cost and time with the other masters to work in the field of housing.


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