In Rennes, a passive building is designed for social housing

PROJECT/A SPECIAL FEATURE. In the new part of the Zac Beauregard, a first passive building was recently inaugurated. Beyond the thermal performance, its architecture is enhanced by a DISMISSAL of the aesthetic. Discovery.
A few years ago, the ZAC Beauregard, Rennes was a giant field of potatoes. Since it is a new district that sees the light of day and will eventually put 1,800 homes. On one of the last parcels of land, a building of social housing has just been built. But not only that, the authors of the project announced with pride having completed the first building to be certified Passivhaus in the Great West.
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For this project, launched several years ago, the landlord Espacil Habitat had the desire to be innovative and anticipate future regulations thermal. “So we placed an order for a passive building, “explains Jean-Yves Loury, owner, adding that he had “not to miss“. If it is said to have been seduced by a property that is in his time, he points out, however, that this represents an additional cost of 200 €/m2. However, he says he enjoyed the low-maintenance, and maintenance of such a constructive system.


To meet the requirements of a passive building, it was necessary to carry out an envelope hermetically sealed to minimize thermal losses.
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