In June 2017, the temporary work in the CONSTRUCTION industry remains positive

According to the barometer of Prism’Employment, published on Wednesday, the actual temporary agency workers in the CONSTRUCTION industry continued to increase in June 2017 (+3.3%) as compared to the same period of the previous year. Details.
According to the latest figures from Prism’Employment released July 26, 2017, the number of employees temporary workers in the CONSTRUCTION sector increased by +3.3% in June 2017, compared to the same month in the previous year. However, the rate is lower than that of the me may 2017 (+7.1 per cent), the study found.


Figures should be interpreted with caution due to the strong heat wave


“The CONSTRUCTION sector is marked by a clear deceleration (-3,8 points increase compared to last month), highlights Prism’Employment in a press release. But it must be interpreted with caution : the heat wave that affected France, has, in effect, curbed the activity on many construction projects.”


Prism’Employment also stresses that “the numbers of interim progress, particularly among unskilled workers (+10.4 percent vs. June 2016) and managers and intermediate occupations (+9.9 per cent)”. By contrast, the creations of jobs of employees (+4.3 %) and skilled workers (+7.3 per cent) are below the average growth.
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Finally, the barometer notes that three regions are particularly dynamic : the Brittany (+17,7 %), Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (+15,0 %), Centre-Val-de-Loire (+14.6 per cent).


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