In Germany, Macron called on again to revise the directive on “posting of workers”

During his first international travel as president of the Republic, and in Germany may 15, Emmanuel Macron has agreed with chancellor Angela Merkel. Among the topics addressed: the revision of the european directive on the posting of workers.
The day after his inauguration as the president of the Republic, which took place on may 14, Emmanuel Macron has already stated its willingness to revise the european directive on the posting of workers. It has indeed raised the subject during an interview with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, which took place during his first international travel, may 15.


The two leaders have in effect agreed to list, among the topics of collaboration in the short term, the revision of this famous text. For the moment, the process is blocked by the countries of the East, from which came the vast majority of posted workers, engaged in the CONSTRUCTION industry in particular. France and Germany are in agreement on many points in regard to this folder. In fact, a few months ago, thirteen european countries, including Germany and France, have signed a document calling for the creation of a “european foundation on social rights”.


To recall, during the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron was one of the only applicants not to call to remove the directive, but to reform it. For the head of State, the priority is to better control the legality of detachments and achieve the respect of the principle of “equal remuneration (including charges), for the same work in the same place”.

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