In Defence, hanging gardens, balconies and terraces to the Ampere e+

REHABILITATION. On the edge of the slab of the Defence, Sogeprom, a property developer, a subsidiary of Société Générale has just launched the building Ampere e +. It is a building of 9 floors built in 1985 and completely renovated by Jean Mas, associate architect in the agency 2/3/4. Discovery.
Here, 34-40 rue Henri-Regnault Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), the project of renovation of former offices on the edge of the slab, The Defense surprised. After you have invested the beginning of January 2017, in its new offices in the Defense of building Ampere e+ for its 180 staff, Sogeprom, a property developer, a subsidiary of the Société Générale was inaugurated on June 27, 2017, in great pomp in the presence of Jean Mas, associate architect in the agency 2/3/4.


The latter is rightly recognised for having delivered in The same area of Defence, in 2013, the trading room of Société Générale, but also 158 housing in the ZAC Seine Arche in La Défense, the cité des loisirs in Courbevoie. Not to mention its new contracts awarded for the construction of the Tower of the gardens of the arche in Nanterre, the renovation of the building CB3 and finally that of the district Four Times in Puteaux.


“Here, everything changed radically,” John Mas
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“On this project of major restructuring delivered in December 2016, the Ampere e+ addresses the issue of these buildings, unfortunately, a little sore-born in the 1980s, explains John Mas. It was structures with a very old place of work and their position in the city. Here, on this building built in 1985 by architects Roger Saubot, Francois Jullien everything changes radically, we’ve kind of changed the entrance of the building built fifty years ago and to integrate a garden in the place.”


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