In April, rates on mortgages continue to rise

According to figures from the observatoire Crédit logement/CSA, the interest rate real estate loans have continued to rise in April 2017, rising to 1.55% of average. The application starts to show signs of weakness.
The interest rate real estate loans granted to individuals by banks continued their slow ascent in the month of April 2017, while remaining at very low levels, according to the observatory Credit housing/CSA released may 9, 2017. The rate of loans in the competitive sector, all maturities combined, to 1.55% on average last month, compared with 1.51% in march. For the of homeownership in the nine, they are displayed in April at 1.63%, compared to 1.56 percent in the former.


“The demand starts to show signs of weakness”


“Since December of 2016, the rates go back and they have returned 24 basis points, in total,” one can read in the note of the observatory. “In April, they are back to their level of July 2016, when much pointed to the conditions of credit outstanding that were prevalent then.”


This rise in rates, coupled with a rapid rise in real estate prices, the fact that the “demand begins to show signs of weakness”, note the authors of the note. “However, the current credit situation still allow the application to be realized in good conditions.”

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