In 2016, the market of the nine up for the lift

According to figures published by the Federation of elevators, the turnover of the profession, in 2016, has slightly decreased (-3%), to 2.23 billion euros. But the nine has done a performance notable, to +7%, while the existing dives (-10,1%).
The year 2016 has resulted, for lift, by a general decrease in activity of 3% to 2.23 billion euros, according to figures published by the Federation of the lift (FA). The organization held its general assembly on 16 may 2017. This slight decrease in the activity cache two realities. On the one hand, the increase in sales in the nine, +7% to 12.300 lifts. And, on the other hand, the stall in the modernisation of the existing, 10.1% € 195 million.


“A positive outlook for the profession as a whole particularly in the light of the overall recovery of activity in the building sector and that it will intensify to make up for the delay of France on its european neighbours in terms of equipment rate lifts”, one can read in a press release from the organization. The numbers of the profession have also dropped slightly in 2016 : hosts 16,700 to 16.300 (-2,4%).


“Two buildings on three are built without an elevator”


The sector intends to take advantage of the major current trends in the real estate sector. In particular, in terms of adaptation to the habitat. “With the ease of access to housing, have become issues of major firms, particularly in the light of the plebiscite of the French to remain at home, and while two new buildings on three are built without elevators,” says the FA.


In terms of digital, the players want to be at the cutting edge. “Thanks to advances in technology, we want to bring to the users a quality of comfort and optimum travel next to the first vocation of the lift which is at the service of the vertical mobility”, says Pierre Hardouin, president of the federation, which has just been re-elected. The elevators can in fact make use of solutions involving wind, solar, or Led lighting.

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