In 2016, Constructys has trained more than 300,000 trainees

The activity report 2016 Constructys, OPCA branch construction, has been published. He reveals that the agency has funded over 300,000 training to the tune of € 353 million.
In 2016, 309.400 trainees have attended training funded by Constructys, the OPCA construction, against 244.026 in 2015, an increase of 27%. This is one of the main lessons to be drawn from the annual activity report of the agency, unveiled these days. In the TPE, 89.780 people have been trained (+11%). In parallel, the funds committed by Constructys are up 27%, to € 353 million.


In 2016, the economic context was more favourable in the CONSTRUCTION industry


These data are to be considered in the context of global economic recovery for the sector. Thus, the number of Contracts security professional (5.941) has fallen, a sign that “the social and economic context was more favourable to the BTP in 2016”, says Constructys. The contracts of professionalisation, on the other hand, have increased by 7% (9.307) and the number of courses funded by the training staff has been multiplied by the 4.7 (6.680).


The organization has also recalled its three axes to 2017 : accompgner the implementation of the personal account of activity, offered on the Internet, a single portal to facilitate the management of training records and optimize the implementation of the training actions.

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