Illegal work : the five managers of the CONSTRUCTION set review

Several owners of companies had recourse, including in france, illegal workers. The injury to social services is estimated at 500,000 euro for the moment.
Five managers of enterprises in the construction sector have been put in review, this month, in the Oise, according to an information published by The Republican Lorrain. A stream of immigration of illegal workers, was formed around a Turkish family based in Nancy, and these companies, specialized in fire safety, according to le Parisien, had recourse to it. The investigation, which began in 2016, has been cordoned off by the mobile brigade of research zonal (BMRZ) of the border Police of Metz. A hundred people would have taken advantage of this system.


A prejudice estimated at 500.000 euros


The most important use of these workers was present on the construction site of a platform on the Amazon in the North. The damage to the Urssaf is estimated at 500,000 euros. In all, thirteen people were placed in custody.

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