Identifying asbestos before work : the decree decrypted

DESAMIANTAGE. The decree on the identification of asbestos prior to the work, from the law of “Work”, is published in the official Journal on may 10. It should help to streamline the work of asbestos removal and to avoid significant costs linked to the discovery of asbestos during construction.
Not later than October 1, 2018, will become mandatory for the owners to perform a tracking of the asbestos before work (RATS). The decree setting out the details of this device from the law of “Work” is published in the official Journal on may 10. This RAT must be completed prior to “any operation involving a risk of exposure of workers to asbestos,” according to the instructions of the decree. “This requirement is intended to allow the company called to carry out the operation of conducting its risk assessment professionals, and to adjust the protections of individual and collective of its workers.”


Six arrested will be later published to define the conditions of these RATS, in order to : buildings ; other buildings, such as land, civil engineering works and transport infrastructure ; rolling stock for railway and other rolling stock of transport ; ships, boats and other floating equipment ; aircraft ; facilities contributing to the achievement or implementation of an activity.


This identification should allow an optimization of costs


The Union of the removal and treatment of asbestos and other pollutants (Syrta) welcomes the publication of this text. “This RAT will avoid discoveries late of asbestos, often very expensive, and improve the safety of the employees involved”, explains Batiactu a responsible officer of the organization. “This will also be the opportunity to operate an optimization of the costs for building owners.”


One of the points that satisfy the professionals, it is the fact that the RAT may be included in the operation of the work. “In some of the buildings still occupied, it is impossible to make a RAT 100% perfect”, explains the Syrta. “Thus, it becomes possible to realize a phase of the RAT before work, and then a second or even a third phase when the spaces will be freed, that is to say almost during the course of the operation.”


An accumulation of obligations for the owners


Among the other advances provided by this decree, the confirmation of the fact that it is up to the developer to perform the physical marking of areas amiantées before the intervention of the company.


The accumulation of responsibilities of the project owner about the asbestos in fact, tell the Syrta that they will have to probably rely on a project management specialist asbestos, or integrate these skills in-house. “We can’t ask the developer to have all these skills”, however, considers the Syrta. “This is why we ask in particular that the project management specialist asbestos needs to be certified, in the same manner as are all the other actors in the chain.”

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