How to protect against ransomware ?

PRACTICAL SHEET. A powerful computer virus that has attacked many businesses on June 27, 2017. To retrieve the data is hacked, the perpetrators of the harm ransoms, this is what is called ransomware, or ransomware. To guard, the ministry of Economy gives some tips. Here they are.
In the wake of the computer attack called Petya, who has touched many countries and companies, the ministry of Economics has published a fact sheet with five simple tips to protect yourself from these malicious software called ransomware, or ransomware, and that can be hidden in e-mail “doubtful containing attachments or links,” you will be prompted to open.


The first is to make regular backups of the data by physically moving out of the corporate network and ensuring that the backup works well. It is then tobe vigilant to this kind of dubious message. Bercy says : “Do not be fooled by a simple logo ! Worse, the hacker may have recovered some of your data beforehand (the names of your clients for example) and create email addresses like a detail close to that of your usual contacts. So stay very vigilant ! Some messages appear completely original“. To learn how to identify this type of virus, the ministry refers to the Hack Academy.


The third tip is about theidentification of the extensions of suspicious files. The following is to update the main software tools, such as Windows, antivirus, browsers,… to prevent the spread of the virus. Finally, Bercy recommends that you use an account with “user ” rather than “administrator“. The ministry insists : “not browsing from an administrator account. The administrator of a computer has a number of liens on it, such as perform certain actions or access some files hidden on your computer. Prefer the use of a user account. This will slow down or even deter the thief in his also

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