How to prevent theft on construction during the summer ?

SECURITY. Flights on site are more frequent during the summer period. This is why the Fédération française du bâtiment (FFB) reminds professionals the main consiels to prevent it.
“The summer is here, and the theft of materials, equipment, or construction machinery on construction sites are common.” This is the French building Federation (FFB), which says on its website. The organization took the opportunity to remind professionals of the construction of the main best practices to limit the risks of undergoing this sort of troubles. The FFB work on that subject for several years, through the programme “Ras the flight”.

Top tips to prevent theft on construction site


– Contact your federation to be put in relation with the referents safety of the police and the gendarmerie.


– Participate in the exchanges with these referents during the meetings organized within your departmental federation (meetings on this theme allow businesses to meet their referent safety of the police or of the gendarmerie and effective partners in the prevention of theft on the construction site).


– Educate your employees to the flights on a construction site. This affects businesses and is therefore everyone’s business.


– Make sure that each presenter on the site is easily identifiable and report the intruder.


– Don’t entrust to strangers sensitive information such as the date of delivery of materials or equipment second work expensive.


– Do not leave machinery, tools or construction materials that one can easily take.


– Win this can be, and store what needs to be done in places of closed storage.


– Do not use the full tank of fuel and gear in the evening or before a weekend or holiday.


– Do not deliver materials or equipment as “sensitive” on the eve of a stoppage of activity of the project, in particular on a Friday night or eve of the feast.


The FFB of the Bouches-du-Rhone takes the problem head-on-body
On July 19, 2017, a meeting was held at the Home of the BTP, in the framework of the “Ras the flight” put in place by the French building Federation. 2taient including the office HLM 13 Habitat and the central commissioner Jean-Francois Jaffuel.


The FBTP 13 gave his activity report on the topic on the period from June 2016 to June 2017 :


– 70 meetings/visits to site, and 58 cases “Ras The Flight” (RLV) treated :
– 11 extortion and theft
– 16 assaults and physical threats / 13 situations of tension
– 15 Followed by meetings RLV or presentation of the device
– 3 Stops construction
– 109 complaints / 30 arrests / 25 guards to view / 8 sentences ranging from 8 months to 5 years firm imprisonment

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