How new technologies are changing the life on the building sites, and beyond

STRATEGIE. Several giants of the construction sector took advantage of the lounge’s Viva technology to expose their innovations, taken in particular of the work carried out with several start-ups. All areas of the building are affected. Discovery.
Many of the giants of the construction sector have put the means to be present at the show Viva technology, which was held in Paris in June 2017. Further proof of the fact that the CONSTRUCTION sector is also in the process of being conquered by the digital.


Thus, Bouygues has specially selected some twenty start-ups in its “hall of tech. “We have invited some of the shoots that are already working with us”, explains Batiactu a responsible officer of Bouygues. Year after year, the areas of intervention of start-ups are more extensive. “Today, we cover several topics that concern the entire life of a building : the smart city, the building is connected, the ‘civic tech’…”, he adds. This last practice is to provide a means of dialogue with inhabitants (for example, during the execution of a construction project potentially harmful to them) to collect their opinion. “We believe that the meetings just physical with residents is no longer sufficient”, estimated at Bouygues.

The helmets connected with Colas Rail


The work of the start up “Tell my city” is inscribed in this framework. “It allows for the use of the information offered”, explains one of its founders present on the show Viva technology. “But it can also do consultations, send alerts, provide reminders.” Tell my city it is today used by Colas (Bouygues group) to be forwarded to the company of reports related to problems of signage, or road. “We are also working with a sixty cities in France”, explains the founder.


Colas Rail also took advantage of the opportunity to present his helmet connected (see the picture of this article), to be used in stage construction. It is equipped with multiple illumination modes, to be used according to the situations, and also an indicator of the presence of alternating current, to reduce the risk of electric shock. “The helmet also created a communication network in an area, and becomes suitable for use as a walkie-talkie”, informs us of a project manager at Colas Rail. Six-hundred helmets are already deployed within the company. “The workers appreciate this equipment in particular because of the possibilities of lighting.”


Pool the use of the car parks


To reduce the strain on the construction sites, Bouygues is also working on exoskeletons or carts that automatically follow workers. Finally, for the operation of the building, very many are the start-ups that offer solutions optimization, sharing the use of the car parks, or by improving the management of energy.


“We come every year here”, explains a manager of Vinci energies. This year, she says, the trend is “big data” and to the connected objects. “These new ways become transverse at the core of our business.” Engie was also its stand in the living room, garnished with 47 start-ups and innovation experts.


Large groups do not want to end ‘ubérisés’


For larger groups, there are many reasons to work and display with the start-up. The first of them probably being that not to end up being “ubérisé”. The digital enables emerging actors to be able to compete with large groups, in particular through the acquisition of data (big data, customer data, energy data etc.), a topic that will be increasingly crucial in an optical measures consumption of a building and optimization of systems. Often, large groups, naturally slow to maneuver, do not have the flexibility internally to be able to position themselves on these technologies that challenge the market ; it is better, in this case, working directly in collaboration with the start-up, which is also a means of monitoring the evolution of the technologies and identify where will be the added value of tomorrow.


From a viewpoint of communication, large companies have also interest to be with the start-up of innovative and digital, in an effort to improve their image, notably among young graduates who are very attracted by this dimension. To the point that we no longer hesitate to speak today about “start up washing” as one speaks of “green washing”.


Some technical solutions views at Viva Technology 2017
Engie :
Citymagine : allows you to identify the equipment of a network infrastructure and identify its flaws
Concierge : button connected, which brings the services of a true “concierge” at home
Openergy : a platform providing the necessary tools to embark on the energy performance of a building


Bouygues :
Little worker : a platform for connecting individuals/professionals in the CONSTRUCTION industry
Wheeliz : to facilitate the mobility of persons in situation of handicap
Solen : to qualify, the natural light of a property


Vinci energies :
Air adapt : optimize thermal comfort and energy efficiency
Offices to share : find a flexible working area and corresponding to its needs
Co-recycling : help customers to minimize their waste

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