HOUSING : renovations energy is sharply rising in 2017

According to figures provided by the Union sociale pour l’habitat (USH), the number of social housing units rehabilitated strong growth in 2017. The result of the implementation in 2016, “loans high-balance subsidized”. Details.
In the field of energy rehabilitation, “2017 will be a record year for the sector HLM”. It is the social Union for housing (USH), which is stated in a press release of July 19, 2017. Thus, the 150,000 public housing should be the subject of improvement works energy this year. “Such a dynamic brand, an overall growth : +28% for the number of housing units rehabilitated, and among the latter, +31% for those who change because of this label of energy”, specifies the USH.


The provision, last September, a budget of 2 billion euros of loans of the balance sheet is enhanced (PHBB) is not apparently for nothing. The device, which is implemented by the Caisse des Dépôts and Action housing “shows its effectiveness and the interest that it has to provide the momentum for the years to come”.

“The HLM organizations know how to mobilize quickly and strong”, J-L. Dumont


“The HLM organizations can mobilize quickly and strongly as soon as they’re given the means”, commented Jean-Louis Dumont, president of the USH. “It is good for the planet, good for employment in the building sector, and good for the purchasing power of the tenants who will see their bills for energy consumption decrease.”


A balance fine-tuned these dynamics will be presented to the Congress Housing of Strasbourg, the 26, 27 and 28 September next.

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