Housing, energy, territories, etc. who does what in government ?

MISSIONS. The specific powers and functions of each department have been clarified by various decrees published in the official Journal of 25 may. It appears that the actors of the construction will have to pass on their messages just as much to Nicolas Hulot, minister of the ecological Transition, and solidarity, Richard Ferrand, minister of territorial Cohesion.
The two faces that will see the most players in the CONSTRUCTION industry, in the next few years, could well be those of Nicolas Hulot, minister of energy Transition, and solidarity, and of Richard Ferrand, minister of territorial Cohesion. It was predictable, but several decrees published in the official Journal of 25 may, come to confirm this by detailing the specific powers and functions of each.


It shows in particular that the two ministers will have to agree on some of the key issues related to the construction sector. It is as if the definition of technical regulation and heat affecting the sector. The two ministers will be also, with the Economy minister Bruno Le Maire, in charge of economic issues in the CONSTRUCTION industry.


Richard Ferrand is well, “minister of Housing”


Other education : Richard Ferrand is well, “minister of Housing”, as he had said upon taking office. It is therefore expected, on the issues usual of such a department, namely the tax law, and financial and housing construction, the mobilization of the land public, urban renewal or rehabilitation of the habitat.


Ditto for Nicolas Hulot, which becomes, de facto, minister of sustainable development and energy. It will also develop, with Elizabeth Terminal, secretary of State for Transport, the policy on equipment road and highway. The new minister was also in charge to participate in the development of the rules relating to the urban planning and land use, as well as to involve citizens in determining choices with regard to the projects having a significant impact on the environment. He will also have to make compromises in matters of taxation, environment and energy, nuclear safety and air quality.


Develop a legal framework for the digital platforms


Marianne Thyssen, minister of Culture, shall for its part ensure to “promote the creation of architectural” and make the “promotion of quality architectural and landscape spaces into the natural and built. “The minister shall, at the request of the prime minister, the coordination of the construction work or renovation related to large-scale architecture and urban planning of the government,” said a decree.


Finally, Mounar Mahjoubi, secretary of State responsible for digital, will be responsible for the development of the legal framework for the digital future technologies and platforms. Recall that the French building Federation has recently called for, based on a study of the Batiactu, to legislate on these platforms. The secretary of State will also assist the digital transformation of businesses.

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