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SITE. The house YRYS group’s Maisons France Confort is coming out of the earth in the town of Alençon, in Normandy. Between the establishment of studs, foundation individuals and the use of pre-walls, the step of foundations and substructures have been greatly facilitated, or when the big work becomes more easy thanks to the prefabrication… Zoom.
Speed, simplicity, but also effectiveness. Such are the hallmarks of the start of construction of the house YRYS group’s Maisons France Confort whose construction was started last may 20. “We can already estimate that we have gained almost 15 days and 3 weeks compared to a traditional building”, says Hervé Chavet, technical director and R&D at MFC. “This gain of time is explained in part by the use of solutions industrialized solutions that are simple, fast, and easy to put in the work and which, in fact, limit the hazards of construction site”.

Prefabrication, process relevant for single-family homes

The first steps of the work wholesale work : earthwork – let us remember that the construction is done in Alençon, in Normandy, on the site housing the headquarters history of the group – and then the realization of the foundations and basements. Steps which have already been put in the design of innovative technical solutions, in particular, the solution of SIP (System frameworks) and pre-walls, having the particularity of being made of concrete matrixed and integrated RFID chips. Both provided by the industrial Rector, they allowed the manufacturer to gain time and reliability, all while reducing the hardness of his teams on the construction site.


Added to this is a system of insulation and sealing signed Soprema (see following pages). Will follow the laying of concrete blocks filled with foam mineral AIRium, which will make the elevation of the home. An implementation that is “unique” because the products have just been launched on the market.


More details and pictures about the first steps in the construction of the house YRYS in the following pages.


A site to follow “live”
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The different stages of construction of the house YRYS are to follow the day-to-day on a dedicated website : www.concept-yrys.com. “Day to day”, the phrase is not chosen at random since a webcam has been installed on the site. It gives to see the site hour by hour. It will also make a timelapse at the end of the work.


The site also makes available all of the studies – soil, loads, etc – , the technical plans of the different strategic points of the structure of the fact sheets presenting the various innovations introduced in the house and, of course, 3D views and photos. “We want to be as transparent as possible. Beyond the willingness to pass on our know-how, this will also allow us to legitimize the results that we will get to the end,” says Hervé Chavet.

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